Today is the day. After several months of RV shopping, financing, and finally signing the paperwork at an amazing Phoenix based credit union, we brought home our Class A 2002 Winnebago Journey 39QD.

It is awesome!! But I digress…how did we get here?

We decided to make a list of features the RV HAD TO HAVE, and optional features. Here’s what we needed to fit our family of 3:

It had to be a diesel engine, 2 slides, overall length of 35′ to 40′, large wardrobe in back (for conversion to kids area), Separate bathroom (not a pass-through, for obvious reasons), Washer/Dryer combo (it is not installed, however it is pre-wired for it), sliding doors in between kitchen/bathroom/bedroom, newer tires, roof ladder, desk in the bedroom, kitchen on the fixed wall, backup camera, cruise control, large holding tanks, lots of storage in basement, non-floral couch decor, cherry wood, and hardwood floors….oh yeah, and it had to be from a *PRIVATE PARTY (no dealers).

*We decided pretty quickly and easily that we wanted to buy from a private party for a few reasons. 1. No sales tax. 2. they know the vehicle inside and out 3. no price mark-ups, we saved about $10k from what we would have paid at a dealer. 4. we both have good intuition about who to trust, and it’s much easier to feel out real people, not sales people.

Had we ever driven an RV before? nope. Are we complete rookies at RV/motorhome travel? oh yeah. Are we completely excited by the challenge of it all? SO MUCH THIS.

We viewed and test drove several Class A’s, including a 2000 Holiday Rambler 40′, 2003 Safari Cheetah 37′, and 2001 Safari Zanzibar 40′.

When we stepped into this one, it just felt right. Immediately. No doubt about it. Even the sellers fit the description of the type of people we wanted to buy from…and fellow Oregonians!


Anyhow, we spent about 1 hour in the credit union finalizing loan documents, then the owners handed us the keys, and we drove it home. Excitedly drove it home!!

We have t-minus 2 months to learn this RV inside and out, give it a few test runs, and take her camping with full hookups! Then we will hit the open roads for an unforgettable adventure around the US.

Can’t wait to see how the vehicle will change from now until we are ready to go!