Wow, how did we even get here? It seems like the past 6 months of strategic planning have finally paid off. When I reflect back on how we got to this point I think about the countless lists that we wrote and rewrote that seems to only get larger and larger as we found more things to do to get everything ready to leave. 

Since our last post we have officially rented out our three bedroom home in Phoenix and said goodbye to our beloved dogs, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do since giving birth LOL 

We have done so much and had day today of solid activities in preparation to go. We have sold a million things on Craigslist, attended a birthday party, and had Tiffany come sold at a conference, all of which are awesome things but also take time away from planning and preparation. So it’s been challenging but good for me to find a balance between life and work and priorities.

From the start of this journey and just up until the last week I have cut off 10+ inches of hair and dyed my hair from Brown to platinum blonde back to a deep red/ light brown colour. I am not sure if that is part of all the change going on or just to be fun but who knows…

Anyhow, now we have officially begun moving things into the RV. I know that sounds like something simple but it’s really a big step when you’ve been evacuating your home and everything you’ve known to this date. Our daughter is disenrolled from school and her Auntie has been a huge help and watching her while we prepare. I own and run a business as well so preparation four remote work has been extensive and grueling at times. My clients are amazing and I’m so happy to be able to help others with their career. What else has happened? 

We have the backyard mostly ready to go besides some last-minute weed whacking. The inside of the house is about 90% vacant with only a few items to give to Goodwill our needed Daily Item this and a few toys to the kiddo and my work stuff of course. But all that needs gone today or tomorrow. 

I have told many friends and family members that it feels so good to be liberated of my material possessions and live simply off of what I need. It is such a simple and almost innate concept, but I don’t think anyone can truly understand until they go through it, just like having a baby. You can describe it all you want but living simply Has Lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, allowed for more free time with my family, and open up a whole new world of space and freedom that I now feel. Look at the remnants…

The funny thing is we actually have an abundance of storage in the RV. We never thought we’d say that but we definitely have a few free toads that will be in there but empty waiting to grow. So apparently we did a pretty good job of getting rid of all the crap we don’t need and keeping what we do because we really don’t have that much stuff when it comes down to it although we thought we did. The kiddo has the most items just with books and toys that alone takes up to 2 3 totes. 

Just today I was loading stuff into the bathroom in the RV and Annika was running around being a soccer player, and then I heard a loud thud and looked back only to see her lying flat on the ground. I did not see her actually fall but definitely heard and could tell she hit her head by the way she was positioned.. so that was her first little injury in the RV but all was well we rested and put some ice on it. Well toddlers are tough.

 I think the hardest change will be for Scott and I, being adults we get so in tune with our day-to-day routine. However…that lifestyle is not for us and i guess we feel it’s more important for us to be closer to that constant change and adapt to the environment, no matter how challenging. 
Hanukkah has been a champ about all of the changes going around around her. We have sold her favorite vehicle that she still love playing in comma sold 90% of her toys and everything she’s ever known as well. She just went through a huge growth spurt and is talking in six or seven word sentences now. And since being disenrolled from school she has a new appreciation and love for her mom and dad which is warming. She definitely misses her dogs and cats but she reminds me that we get to see them when we get back from our journey. We will miss them greatly and it’s a good thing we have a lot of pictures of them to watch.

T minus 3 days until we live in the RV full time at an RV park in North Phoenix. I will post our tentative itinerary soon! Can’t wait for the adventures to begin.