The drive between Beaumont California and Bakersfield California is only about three and a half hours comma and the first part of it is flat, however once you get to Pasadena and get through all of the LA traffic, you go into this crazy high altitude Mountain scenery that is beyond gorgeous. We had the option of taking I-5 or taking the 210 to get to Bakersfield and are really glad we took the 210. The traffic was light and flowy after Pasadena of course. The scenery was out of this world and I’m really glad we chose chose this route. We ended up driving through a crazy amount of fog so that slowed us down a bit because we could only see the car in front of us. It was like a white blanket of snow however it was fog because it was way too warm haha. I lost Scott for a while because of the fog and they had to reroute trucks a different way but he still got ahead of me somehow and then eventually we caught up to each other again. We drove about two hours in and then found an exit to stop in the RV for a lunch break. Everyone was excited to stretch. Then we hopped back in our vehicles and continued on our way. The rest of the ride was pretty easy and we found our RV Park easily as well. No troubles with the RV this time, especially since we were not Towing the CRV period we decided to drive the CR-V separately than the RV when we know there will be a lot of hills to minimize stress on the RV. Anyhow we pulled into lovely Bakersfield which if you have ever been here and know that there is not much here to see… today happens to be very overcast and wet from recent rain, however it is not raining now… we pulled into our spot at River Run RV Park..

Our spot # happened to be the same number 71 as in Beaumont. Maybe it’s a sign!?! 

Anyhow the cool thing about this park in Bakersfield is that our spot literally backed up to the Kern River and has a beautiful view. 

We also have a huge grass area between us and our neighbours

…however, on the other side of that beautiful Riverview is also the freeway so there’s that. We pulled in and got everything set up which we are getting better at nowperiod total time to set everything up and get leveled out and comfortable is about 30 minutes. Scott is super set up expert well I hang out with the kiddo. We decided to go for a walk along the river but because our tot has a little cough right now we did not go very far. We found the RV again, phew!

Now I am waiting in the RV for Scott to come back from the store with some wine and dinner. This will be a quick overnight stay which I am fine with because we are all super excited to get up to Yosemite tomorrow!!