I just have to say right off the bat that we like this place so much we decided to extend it for a few more days. Luckily we have that luxury and can adjust our schedule as needed depending on how much we like the places we stay. Anyhow the first 5 days in Yosemite area has been phenomenal. We’ve done so much and have so many pictures I don’t even know how to share the ones that I love because there’s so many. Everyone is working really well as a team and we are all learning how to adjust to the travel life. Even Scott and I don’t have anything to fight about except whose towel is the darker one, which it is mine….Here’s what the view looks like when you pull into Yosemite RV Park!

Anyhow we spent a day at Bass Lake Which is less than an hour away from our RV Park in Coarsegold California. The weather was nice and cool with a light Breeze but overall a phenomenal day with super friendly ducks, clean (cold!) Water, sand, and snacks!

The following day I had to work so Scott took Monica to the Children’s Museum of Sierra which is located in Oakhurst California, less than 15 minutes away from our RV Park. They had a super fun day and spent almost 3 hours at the Children’s Museum, which apparently was completely vacant the entire time…for a Saturday that seems weird, but whatever!

One of the afternoons I had the sudden urge to do yoga. There are some gorgeous tent camping sites just around the corner from our RV site so I walked over there with the kiddo and had her play outside will I did yoga. The entire experience was great… Anikka was too busy to look…

We wanted to find some more fun things to do around here and we’re not ready to hit up Yosemite Valley quite yet so we found a hiking trail called shadow of the Giants which was about 40 minutes away deep in the mountains. Shadow of the Giants is a secluded Giant Sequoia Grove with a 1.2 mile hiking trail and waterfalls along the way. The best part about this was that Annika fell asleep during the drive because right when we got to the trailhead we noticed smoke coming out of our Hood!!! The temperature gauge was shooting up to hot so we turned the car off and found out that we had a leak in a hose!!! I’m the middle of the woods with a sleeping toddler in the back!!

Oh joy what will we do? We found a couple of pieces of duct tape from the 2 other people around … Scott was sick too btw… and now he had to try and tape the leak so we could drive to a repair shop…we immediately decided to leave and hope to make it somewhere safe. Back down the mountain!! 

Well we did make it out of the woods and to a repair shop. The funny thing is that all the tape Scott put on was not even near the leak!! so we actually made it back on our own accord. It was also amazing that we got to the repair shop RIGHT before closing and the owners were leaving that Friday afternoon. The price of the repair was well worth it as we have a good running vehicle now and it even turned the check engine light off LOL

At this point our nerves were pretty fried so you know we had to go get some drinks. We knew of a Mexican restaurant we had passed by that had a full tequila bar so we headed straight there for some R&R

There are a few great local markets. One thing we both really like about Oakhurst and Coarsegold as they are not mainstream towns by any means… No Walmart no fast food chains etc. We found a great local Fruit Stand and spent $8.61 on a grocery bag full of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy!!

Something else I really like about this RV park is the renovated bathhouse. I like to tell myself I’m more European if I bathe in a bathhouse. This one happens to be super nice with unlimited hot running water so you know I’m loving that!! Ever wonder what an RV bath house looks like?

Anyhow several days later and with a repaired vehicle we re-attempted to hike shadow of the Giants. Boy was this return trip worth it, even though the last visit was a little scary. Here we found beautiful Rushing River surrounded with waterfalls and ginormous trees, not to mention the giant sequoias all around. 

Annika fell asleep on the drive, apparently she likes to sleep on incredibly bumpy and winding roads…

… but we did a 1.2 mile hike and loved every minute of it. Here’s some pics of the trailhead and giant sequoias

Some of the giant Sequoias were up to 3,000 years old with 71 foot circumference at the base. They were absolutely incredible to stand next to… that same night we were all tired after our long walk and we started a fire in the fire pit outside the RV.

So Many Adventures in such a short time. So much adjustment in such a short time..

All in all I like the Simplicity of living with less things. Although we find ourselves cleaning every day, it was the same as living in a house except our cleaning space is much smaller and more defined. We are spending more time outside and together as a family which is a fantastic change

Messes happen!

Looking forward to more adventures!

At this point we have figured out that it is expensive and tiring to move the RV so we will readjust our route. Our big goal is to get up to Banff National Forest in Canada this year so that’s what we will adjust our schedule for. We really want to be up there during the summer of course and stop through Portland and Glacier National Park in Montana and Grand Tetons as well. Lots more planning and reservations to make next!