Yes we did it we finally got our act together and had everything ready to go into Yosemite Valley! A lot of preparation goes into it because not only is the drive long to get in but there is not much food or accommodations along the way so you have to make sure everything is packed gas tank is full and you are prepared with warm clothes and supplies. 

This was my first time in Yosemite Valley and Anikka as well but Scott had been here before during the winter. The weather could not have been nicer that morning when we got up at 5:30 and hit the road by 7 which for us is an all-out miracle. We drove through the amazing tunnel entrance…

Haha jk…

We then visited bridal veil Falls which had more water coming out then had been recorded in a long time comma when we got close it was literally raining on us and we got entirely soaked but good thing we had a spare change of clothes. 

… Bridal veil water falls…

After the amazing bike ride through the woods and forests and Fields towards half dome..

Half dome is soooooo steep!!!

We saw deer up close….

… we all had a picnic and laid out in the grass for several hours before heading home. Anikka caught a ladybug…

Our view during r&r time!

We saw El Capitan..

and soooooo many waterfalls of course as you cannot miss them LOL! 

On the way out i snapped this one….

What an amazing Unforgettable day.