This was probably the closest we have felt to “coming home.” Since the parents live in Granite bay area, we knew we were in for a treat. Our plans are to stay here for 2 weeks through mother’s day.

They have the most gorgeous property in the entire world and work hard to maintain the 2+ acres of lush grass, oak and cottonwood trees, and running creek. We drove this magnificent beast of a motorhome down the long tree lined road until we found their house. Just look at the parking spot we get!! (Granted we are living inside their home, but it’s still great to see our RV in a killer spot like this!)

We will have to regain proper manners during the stay which will be hard after just getting adjusted to RV life. Our stay will be and had been busy but in a good way. We wake up and do yoga almost every morning, go for walks along the creek, and stroll down the street at sundown. You cannot believe how much wildlife is here!! Frogs sing a melody while bats fly around at dusk. We’ve seen deer, squirrels, white egrets, blue heron, vultures with 6-8 foot wing spans and HUGE hawks searching for food. 

 This is the amazing view from their patio that we get to enjoy every night!

So much green after living in phoenix!

Weve visited tons of great family and love our time here!!!

Weve gone on tractor rides…

And met our amazing super little niece!!

Scott’s sister and brother in law have an equally as amazing property where we spent a great afternoon in Auburn California.

We (Scott and I) had a chance to enjoy a date night… Which will be the last time we have a sitter for a while so you better believe we took advantage!
Here’s a flight from the Granite Bay Ale House…

Oh yeah did i mention the view of the Sacramento River??!?

Finally, he surprised me with a sunset at Folsom Lake…LITERALLY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS WE HAVE EVER SEEN!!

Tomorrow we will drive to San Francisco, walk the golden gate bridge, eat dim sum, and explore fishermans wharf/pier 39.

More great family adventures ahead!