As I am talk-to-texting this, I am exhausted from the amazing time we had in San Francisco today. We got up early and left the grandparents house around 8 a.m. And drove the two and a half hours into the city.  Here’s an awesome California view along the way…

Here’s he view coming from the north end of the city when you get thru the hills and robin Williams tunnel:

Personally I had not been back to San Francisco for about seven years however I had been there plenty of times before so it was returning to a familiar place that has changed a lot. When you drive in we took the 37 westbound so that we would drop in from the north side and cross the Golden Gate Bridge first thing in the morning. 

Of course those first spectacular views overseeing the city are amazing. 

There was very little to no fog and we happen to be there on a very clear day. The weather was fantastic about 60 or 65 degrees, Wendy as usual, but sunny and fresh. The first thing we did was across the Golden Gate Bridge and park the car on the other side to walk on the bridge. 

It was my first time actually walking on it so I was really excited, and of course it was Anikka’s first time as well. The walk-up was short and quick and not very crowded surprisingly. 

We walked out to about the middle of the bridge took some awesome pictures enjoyed the view. 

Then Annika got really fussy because of the constant traffic that is driving right next to you while you stand on the edge of the bridge. She did not like all the noise so despite our best attempts to distract her we had to head back to the car. 

Ok so it was a LITTLE windy for Anikka…

All in all we walked about two miles here. By then it was already noon or nearly noon and we were all very hungry. We had already discussed lunch plans and decided to head into Chinatown for dim sum. 

We had the insight to reserve a space in advance, it’s called Panda space and you can actually pick the individual spot that you want to park your car for relatively cheap, I think we paid $11 for the entire day. So we drove from the Golden Gate Bridge Into the Heart of the City. We went up the steep hills, saw the cable car and trolley, and passed by Transamerica Center and Coit Tower among many other famous landmarks. We parked the car and started hoofing it. On our way towards Chinatown we passed by Union Square…

I know it’s a super popular square with the most popular brands around it but it was under construction so there wasn’t much to see or do. Anyhow we were all starving so we kept walking towards trying to town which was another five or six blocks away.

Entrance to Chinatown…

Then once we came into Chinatown we still walked another eight to ten blocks to find the perfect dim sum place. 

We stopped to get a quick fresh squeezed orange juice for $3 and then finally found the dim sum place on if you have never had dim sum all it is is ready-made Chinese food that you do not have to order. People just come around with trays with hot fresh meals and you tell them which plate you want. It is common to get many plates and share amongst friends at your table.

We went to New China which was a restaurant I’ll have to find the address anyhow we sat down for dim sum and a large place with at least 75 pool tables full of people eating dim sum. I had no idea it was this popular. Anyhow they quickly seated us and apparently before you can even pick up a menu they come around with a serving cart which has hot fresh food plates already made and you just pick the ones that you want. So it’s kind of weird because it’s glorified Chinese food that’s ready and presented to you and you can take as much as you want which they charge you for.

We had noodles dumplings hot tea several beers and some broccoli which was really good. This photo was the aftermath because we were so hungry by the time we got there I did not think it to take a picture before eating LOL. We all enjoyed the much-needed food then decided to continue our journey and walked all the way back to the car. Just on this leg of our journey we walked another 2 miles however these are very hilly miles keep in mind.

Our last stop was to head to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 area. 

Scott took a really cool navigation route so we went up up up the steep hills again got an amazing view of Alcatraz and then headed down down down back into the city. 

Pier 39 was hard to find parking so we ended up going into a parking garage. These are extremely expensive by the way and we paid over $21 for two hours of parking LOL. 

Anikka decided to rest…Right…There…

Anyhow we walked from the parking garage over to Pier 45 which has a huge submarine which you can pay to go on however we didn’t go on it…

and a big war ship which they were just closing up entrance to when we arrived..

We then decided to head towards Pier 39 and search of pizza and wine. 

The walk from Pier 45 to Pier 39 is not a short one and it was very windy and we were all getting tired by then…

…so we walk through the crowds stop to Boudin Bakery that has all kinds of Breads and cookies and custom desserts that are shaped like animals and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Anyhow the crowds at this point or more than before and we were all pretty tired. We walked down to Pier 39 didn’t see the pizza place that we wanted and walked back towards the car where we knew a pizza place was located. 

We sat and enjoyed a medium cheese pizza and some beers cheers while we rested up for the drive home. Cheers!!

By this point it was already close to 5 o’clock and we were all exhausted. We drove back to Sacramento …

…and then Granite Bay which took nearly 3 hours with rush hour traffic. All in all it was a super awesome 12 hour day. Everyone had an amazing time and we got tons of great pics and great memories to share!