Our family has been through a lot in the first 30 days transfer from living at home and working a nine-to-five job to living on the road all the time. We have learned an infinite number of new tips and tricks for the RV but that would be in another blog all by itself. This pic is Anikka on the day we left Phoenix!

This top 10 list is dedicated to the things we have learned in the first 30 Days RV travels. In the last 30 days we have traveled over 1000 miles and stayed in 6 RV parks across 3 states.

Number one. We did not need half of the stuff that we thought we would. This one requires a little bit of explanation however because we did a great job of downsizing in the first place. Even when we set our initial leave date there was still room in the storage underneath our RV so we have room to grow if needed. the things that we did need to purchase small items that we never would have thought of and less we lived in the RV full time so it took us some time to figure out. Otherwise half of the stuff that we thought we wouldn’t need we really didn’t. We ended up selling a nice matching leather recliner and footstool for $200 on Craigslist…even though it matchedbthe interior Furnishings to our RV we just found that it was bulky and ended up being a storage place for clothes and crap instead of being used as a recliner.

Number two. The cast iron skillet and griddle are Lifesavers. We’ll use the cast iron skillets more than anything else. We found herself eating a lot more raw and fresh fruits vegetables and Grains because not only is it easier to prepare but it’s readily available and all the little towns we visit.

Number three. Eating what we call a “cold quesadilla” Is pretty normal. During travel days we found that it is a quick and easy meal to put together that everyone will eat so we literally get a slab of tortilla cut some slices of cheese and eat it cold. I never thought I would do that sometimes you just have to make it work for life on the road.

Number for. You cannot always pick your neighbors. Every spot we have been up so far has had great neighbors that are very quiet. We just happened to have neighbors the last couple days here in Ashland that were cigarette smokers and it seems like the wind kept blowing it right into our RV so we had to keep the windows closed on that entire side for a couple days. It wasn’t that bad Im just whining LOL but still you never know who’s going to end up on either side of you.

Number 5. Picking a spot in advance if possible, is the best way to go when booking RV parks. We discovered most RV parks have a site map so you can pull it up and actually request that specific spot. Of course it is not always available but we have had pretty good odds so far.

Number six. Managing our time is harder with so much free time. It really feels like we have so much to do and every single place because there’s so much fun stuff to do. However we still have to find and maintain a balance with eating and cleaning and working.

Number seven. We have definitely seen growth in all of our relationships and ability to communicate. I think it’s kind of funny because it has to happen since you’re living in a box with somebody else. Everybody is super close and it seems like we watched much less TV and spend way more time Outdoors together.

Number eight. I personally really miss our pets however I think we made the right decision and not bringing them because we just don’t have the time to clean and walk and feed and do all the stuff that they would require while still having the flexibility that we do now. I miss them terribly but I feel like we made the right decision for the family.

Number nine. We surprisingly do not miss our house and Phoenix much at all. The pool sounds great once in awhile but there is so much running water and we have been around so many trees that we really do not miss the desert right now. Let alone 100 degree Heat.

Number 10. We definitely miss friends and family and having some flexibility and help when watching the kiddo. However we are grateful for the flexibility when I’ll have to visit family when we do get around to it.

There are so many beautiful places to visit!!

That does it for my recap. I’ll try to do these frequently so that we can keep a summary on everything that’s been going on. Looking forward to more Adventures I’m going to watch master of none on Netflix right now!