This is so much bigger than we could have ever imagined. Not only do we get to go to the annual parade (2nd largest in North America with 150k+ attendees) but we are live at the Stampede now. It’s like a carnival but so so so much bigger … like City sized space dedicated to party!!

We were at the parade from about 8 a.m. until noon… They said over 700 horses walked today!!!

Finally the 4 hour parade was over…and  a this was the only day with free entrance to the stampede…so off we went!!

We had to take the metro…which was packed liked sardines…so it got a bit warm to say the least…

Anyhow, we made it after about 3 LONG train stops and 20 minutes…anikka did great!!!

We walked in….for free!! It’s normally $60 per person…Here’s the gate area…the. We were so tired we immediately found a beer garden to relax!!

There is sooooooo much to do here!!!

So much fun!!!

Then…we had to get back to the west side of Calgary…by train…

On the way back out!!

The train station!!

Theb anikka started taking pics on the train.

Aaaaah!!! We made it. Home sweet roaming home.