Ok so we did it! This was honestly the most beautiful part of the entire state. Especially after the vast beauty in Canada…we had initially been rather disappointed with the overall Montana experience…let alone the issues we had with the car and a few rather rude folks…this was the view and feel we needed to get us back in the spirit!

So this famous road to the sun is a 50 mile windy, narrow and steep road which goes up to 6500 feet and literally feels like your driving into the sun. We left around 7pm so it was cool and we had high hopes to see animals out.

Here’s the start…it’s about a 30 Min drive through the national park just to start the ascent.

Anikka fell asleep…so we enjoyed the quiet lol

Finally some amazing views!!

Here’s only a quarter of the way up…looking east as the sun set.

So pretty…

Here you can see the windy road clinging onto the edge of the mountains…

So narrow!!!

So steep!!!

Still climbing…

More views…

A glacier!!

Here’s probably the widest part of the road.


Our second pull off… Mountain goats!

It was a mom, dad, and baby goat.

A view point near the goats. We were above the tree line here.

Evidence I made it.

Here’s Logan’s pass…and locals!! We ran into a group of 10-15 big horn sheep!

They walked around the parking lot and got about 15-20 feet away from us in the car…a bit intimidating…they are big!!!

Guess who woke up!! Logan’s pass is behind us. It was cold and we didn’t have jackets so we didn’t stay out long.

Looking east.

Heres the famous weeping wall…it’s crazy! Literally the 80 feet of wall is leaking water.

This water fall looks like a staircase and was over 200 feet tall but hard to tell by the pictures…


Lake McDonald in the dusk…

Aaaand back to the RV park by 1030pm