There is a lot to do here. The nice thing is that it is very secluded being far from both Vancouver BC and Calgary Alberta. I think this limits tourism and visitors so that the town only has 7500 plus residents but still tons of amenities and outdoor stuff to do. They have awesome bike trails, an amazing Indoor Aquatic Center, a Great Library and lots of great restaurants and bars of course!!

We stayed at the Lamplighter RV park which is close to downtown on the side of town called Big Eddy.

We ended up really liking this RV park because they have lightning fast internet, and we just happen to get an amazing spot with distant neighbors and a great big green space near the playground!

Here’s a sunset from our first night. Unfortunately the rest of the knights were not like this because the BC fire smoke got so bad we literally could not see the mountains for the rest of the trip until our very last day.

Here’s Revelstoke on a clear day.

There are three Bridges that cross to the Big Eddy side. One is the Trans Canada Highway 1, 1 is a train track, and one is a Bridge meant only for smaller vehicles

The kiddo and I took a nice long bike ride on one of the clear days!

The downtown area is small but still large enough you can walk around and spend the day there. There is an abundance of shopping great food bars and lots of nice people.

One of them are Smoky days we got adventurous and decided to head into Revelstoke National Park and attempt to hike skunk cabbage Boardwalk. It turned out to be entirely too smokey and we didn’t let the kiddo walk in it.

Pretty nonetheless.

We gave up and headed into town to grab a beer at the Bierhaus and then Village Idiot Bar and grill.

For the coolest part about the town is the mountain resort where they have world-class skiing and almost more importantly they have what’s called a pipe coaster! You pay to take a gondola up to the Mountaintop… 

The gondola ride up is only about 5 Min and totally worth the views!!

Then… you sit in a single seat bucket and ride down a single-track metal Railway flying down the mountain!! 

At the top!! So excited!

It is about a 4-5 Min ride which you control completely, all by yourself…

There was no wait when we’ve got up there the first time. You go down so fast that there’s really no time to hold on to a video camera unless you have something like a GoPro. I held onto the handle so tight there’s no way I could have recorded the trip but there are plenty of videos on YouTube. Just Google Revelstoke pipe Mountain coaster.

We made it!!

We took the gondola up to the top to play some disc golf because apparently there is a course up there as well. It is extremely Steep and requires tons of hiking so we only played three of the nine holes.

Not to mention the smoke was extremely bad that day.

We said forget the disc golf we want to do the pipe coaster again. After you pay for the initial ride which for both of us was 55 Canadian we decided to go back and do a an additional ride for 10 bucks per person. It was so worth it and both of us flew down the second time feeling much more confident!!!

The second time writing the pipe coaster we had a small weight of less than 5 minutes but a couple people were ahead of us.

Here the view where you start!

And the gondola at the bottom.

Yesssss! A total bucket list thing!!

Another one of the days BC was fortunate enough to get a ton of rain which lasted an entire day. Although we were kind of trapped inside we’re really grateful because it would help with the fires. So I took the kid outside to play in some muddy puddles.

And this ends our week and Revelstoke. I would absolutely spend a whole summer and winter here to experience the snowboarding and see the snow fall and winter time. Next stop is Kelowna BC.