Seriously don’t tell anyone how cool it is because I don’t want a massive influx of visitors. The awesome thing about Revelstoke town and Mountain is that it’s relatively small with 7500 residence lots to do and a nice balance of nature as well. Today we decided to venture up to mount Revelstoke in Revelstoke National Park. This also happens to be our last day here and the only clear day that we’ve had pretty much this entire week. But what a day it was!

Revelstoke town view from above!

After a good 20 minute drive up, we made it to the summit.

The water is so unbelievably still it looks like glass! Until anikka threw a rock…

Her tongue…

I swear I can’t get one good pic lol

We hike for a short while to get to the official summit!

The view was breathtaking!!!

Below is the Columbia River.

A good pic!! Ample tongue.

More awesome views!

Still at the top of the mountain… another view point.

Super still waters.

After leaving Mount Revelstoke we headed back into town for some poutine and tea and coffee. Then we decided to drive up the 23 which cruise is along the Columbia River at the valley we had looked at from up above.

We pulled off in an area called Martha Creek.

Anikka and Scott threw about 100 rocks into the river.



Finally, the bridge to get us back to the RV park.

We will miss you, Revelstoke!!!