Okay so it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything so I may be a bit Rusty here.

The drive was about 4 hours through some windy and narrow roads. We had a near death experience driving so if you want to hear more about this you would have to ask…but were all ok so I will continue. We went through the town’s Sicamous and Vernon which is the photo with the lake in the house boats. Apparently it’s very popular spot together with family be out in nature and stay on a houseboat lol

So we drove and drove and drove and got to Kelowna which was quite different than the places we had been prior and that it was a high desert so the trees were more sparse and we were certainly feeling like we’re on top of the mountain. But there are lots of beautiful lakes up there so our RV Park was Hiawatha RV Park in the South Mission area…

.. we really enjoyed this RV park for so many reasons besides just being across from the lake there were no pets are allowed on the property so it was extremely clean, they also had a huge separate playground area for kids and the RV spot allows for your car to be parked right outside your door. 

Very convenient. …and it just happened to be right across the street from a huge lake. I mean so close you could throw  a a rock… So we frequently walked over to the beach area and played at the playground which was situated on the sand.

Lucky kid!

The views were stunning and much more than we ever expected!

Sunset in Kelowna.

I know right?!!?

The RV park backed up to Mission Creek so over the course of two weeks I took the kiddo on several bike rides along the water. There are lots of Pasteurs in Kelowna so we saw lots of horses and cows.

One of our days off we went to downtown Kelowna which was really awesome and had a huge abundance of shops. This was one of the largest downtown’s we’ve been to in a while!

She liked the dragons tongue lol

There there is a very large dock that is open to the public for everybody to enjoy and walk out on.

Heres looking back at downtown.

You know how we love our disc golf. We looked at the course and found one at the North End of downtown called Knox Mountain Park. They had a course that was 9 holes but you could play it backwards so it came out to 18 and it was really fun to play and also right along the lake

Canadian sun does not mess around.

More beautiful sunsets along Okanagan Lake.

One evening we decided to go for a drive along Lakeshore Road which runs along the East Shore. It turned out to be quite an epic drive and we must have seen over 40 Deer within 20 minutes´┐╝ and not to mention dozens of gorgeous wineries.

Downtown Kelowna

On the quick walk back to the car in downtown we noticed an entirely free Japanese Garden area which was stunning beyond belief so we spent some time admiring the koi and plants.

Another afternoon we went to Bear Creek Provincial Park in West Kelowna. That means you have to take this beautiful Floating Bridge from the East side of town across the Okanagan Lake to West Kelowna. It was about a 25-minute drive tops.

I feel like we didn’t do that much here but I guess we did looking back. Especially for only being there two short weeks almost every day we did something fun and adventurous. Our two favorite restaurants no I take that back our most favorite restaurant was sturgeon Hall Restaurant which has a cool outdoor patio along a busy Street and awesome beer and food specials. They had a fantastic selection of beer I would highly recommend that the Granville Island pale ale or they nasty habit IPA. both were highly addicting so I think we went to this restaurant three or four times. We also went to Kelly O’Brien’s Irish Pub. Certainly not for the food but because they have an awesome second-story patio and awesome views of the lake and downtown area. Next stop Vancouver BC. By the way right after we left Kelowna apparently they had an amazing Showcase of Northern Lights which we missed ­čśŽ and then within two weeks of leaving it started to snow so I guess it was good that we got out of the mountains after all!