There’s just so much to do here, and for us it involves seeing as many friends as possible. We would love to spend more time here and catch up a bit more, but between Tiffany taking grad school classes working towards an MBA, a growing 3 year old, and a super busy, multi tasking Scott, we did about all we could in 2 weeks.

We stayed at the same RV park as in the spring June of 2017, which is the Colombia River RV park near the airport along Marine drive. There was an amazing Thai place close by so we must have ordered 10 meals from them over our stay…but PDX seems to be one of the best places for Thai food. 

We didn’t go to OMSI, which would have been amazing. We even have free passes but we just couldn’t find the time.

We did however get to trick or treat on Mississippi for Halloween with friends! In reverse order… (Thanks phone) from pumpkin patches on Sauvie Island to Halloween evening…

I got to go to a blue grass concert at Revolution Hall.

We played at Alberta Park with friends..

Anikka had TONS of friend time!!

Finally we discovered the City of Vancouver library. It is amazing for kids and adults alike. It is a 5 story building where the entire 3rd floor is dedicated to kids with so many play places, touchable objects, visuals, and books!

Cheers to one of our favourite cities!! Just watch out for traffic.

Onward to escape the city… heading to the Oregon Coast for 4 weeks! Pacific City here we come!