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Our First Major Destination!

My (Scott, aka ScottyBloggins) first blog!  While the GF is working and our daughter is still sleeping I figure I’d take a minute and provide a second voice to our blog!  We arrived at the Yosemite RV Park in Coarsegold, CA yesterday.  The drive from Bakersfield to hear was actually quite beautiful, the agricultural fields green as can be imagined.  We drove through Fresno without stopping and once passed the city and working or way up to the foothills were treated with gorgeous grassy rolling hills spotted with well fed happy cows and large, picturesque boulders.  The drive was otherwise uneventful except for the emergency pit-stop at the Flying-J as I’ve been sick the last couple days which led to a lot of grunting and moaning on my end not knowing if I would make it in time and a lot of laughing on Tiffany’s end.  The relief was immense!  I also got to use the air horn (and brakes) for some dimwitted driver who despite being a full grown adult and who’s probably been driving for at least 2 decades still hasn’t learned how to merge onto the 99 in his hometown that he probably hasn’t left except to go to the oarchard or the next closest town with a population of 1,500.  He finally sped up to avoid collision with me and my 60 foot MH and toad, weighing in at a feathery 30,000 pounds and despite me having used the horn he took the time to roll down his window and give me a pleasant wave.

The park we are staying at is nice.  It is undergoing some improvements and has a renovated gift shop/lobby area, pool, and playground.  We spent about 3 hours on the playground in the evening yesterday with our daughter which was a lot of fun.  This is a very hilly park with lots of paths and roads to walk along.  Due to a combination of the recent rain and the parks renovations a lot of spots are unoccupied, which we kind of prefer.  This place must be a zoo in the summer!  We lucked out and only have one direct neighbor on the driver side of our rig which is fine.

We haven’t left the RV park yet to explore the surrounding areas yet.  It takes a bit of energy to move locations with all the setup and tear down involved although things are starting to get easier and Tiffany and I are starting to develop our routines.  The driving can be a bit tiring as well.  During the regular rat race I’ve left I was very used to driving one handed or with the use of one of my knees to accommodate incoming phone calls or to take a bite of my delicious BoSa Donuts croissant sandwiches, but our home on wheels with our car in tow requires constant attention and the use of both hands to steady the ever moving steering wheel.    Today we are going to check out the nearby town of Oakhurst as we make our way to and from Bass Lake!  Can’t wait to explore the area!

Week 3: Double Whammy. A Yard Sale and a Visit from Grammy!

Busy. Busy. Busy. Drink….Drink…Busy. Busy. Busy.

This is about how I would sum up this past week. First, we were so excited to have Grammy visiting from Granite Bay, CA! She was kind enough to fly in and arrive at a good time of day, to avoid rush hour, but the same for flying out too! Anyhow, she planned her trip to come visit her favorite 2 and a half year old, while we (mom & dad) prepared and managed a yard sale… because you know… not EVERYTHING is going to fit in our RV. (Scott really wants to name our RV, Arvee, the RV. I’m resisting LOL)

Anyhow, apparently A LOT of work goes into executing a yard sale effectively. Not only were the entire innards of our home stripped down, everything was strategically organized into sections (albeit appeared a disaster) it was actually semi-organized and thought out. This is SOME of what we had staged to sell in the spare front room of our house:

I have to admit, we did a pretty good job of planning, preparing, and working our way through this. Beer helped a little too, as we were up till midnight the night before the sale…which we had advertised to start at 8am with NO EARLYBIRDS… do you think they listened?

We borrowed fold out tables and chairs from family members (thanks Tia/Tia/Ed/Janet) and had everything ready to go….including other items not shown in the photo, like furniture, outdoor stuff like shovels, tarps, fishing gear, etc.

Miraculously, we woke up on Day 1: Saturday morning, on-time at 5:30AM. GOOD THING! I made a rush run to Starbucks while Scott prepped the tables. Then we got the items out of the house and onto the tables for display!

We turned our mess into this… semi-organized mess:


We must have done a good job advertising because BUSINESS WAS BOOMING! So MANY people showed up at 720AM that we just had to tell them we were open and start selling!

By the time 2pm (closing time) came around, we sold over $700 worth of stuff that we didn’t need anyway. I would call that a successful day!

We were exhausted, to say the least, BUT one more day to go… then it’s all over!

Day 2 was tough to wake-up, so we “slept in” till about 630AM… got more coffee and set everything up AGAIN. This time was different though, we already made more than we expected on Day 1, so anything this day was just a bonus.


Nobody showed up until after 830AM!! Such a drastic change from just a day prior. It was much slower, granted a Sunday, but we still raked in another $200+ through some strategic wheeling and dealing 🙂

By noon (closing time!) we were DONE. And I mean, didn’t care if people ran off with the remainders… in fact we were encouraging people to take items away…

We packed up the remaining items, dropped them off at Goodwill and called it a day.

Oh yeah… then we had to pickup the 9 Yard Sale signs we had placed around the area… and return the tables/chairs we borrowed… and count the money…

All in all, we couldn’t have done it without Grammy. And we can’t wait to see her again in Northern California!!


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