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Vancouver BC (2 of 2)

Ok so the weather was okish. You can’t expect too much for end of September and early October in Canada. We had rain but we also had sun. Both Scott and I ran outdoors a lot and were across the street from Burnaby Lake which was a huge huge huge area left natural…free of bikes too!

We would run to the spit. Which is  basically a long deck extended over the lake full of wildlife.

Oh and black squirrels. They were everywhere.


for the size of the city, this was smaller than we anticipated. Still fun!!


This $1 million playground was as epic as it sounds. It’s out overlooking the water as far West in Richmond as you can get. About a 45 Min drive from Burnaby.

Anikka found her true passion on the zip line! We must have done that 15 times.


Nice views looking west.


this was 5 Min from the RV park and held a disc golf course too!


Scott and anikka went while I worked. Apparently I missed out!

The space was huge and open for close encounters with rare birdies!!

The two abover are the world’s second largest macaws!

At the mall…

Cool graffiti.

That’s about enough of Van. We loved it and explored a lot. Loved the indoor jacuzzi but excited to get back to the mountains up north in Squamish!

Vancouver BC (1 of 2)

We spent 3 weeks total at Burnaby-Caribou RV Park in Burnaby…which is a suburb just south of Vancouver. One of the dozens of suburbs actually. Vancouver is the largest city we have been to in Canada with over 2.4 million people and multiple sprawling downtown areas. It is quit impressive, very lush and green with tons of parks, playgrounds and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Here’s pulling into the RV park. This one was cool because they had a massive playground, indoor heated pool, hot tub, 1500sf TV room, rooftop patio, and good WiFi signal. Yes that’s how we judge RV parks lol. The only downside was the parking situation. This was the only time the entire trip we couldn’t park at the RV. They had a designated area close by.

So we did SO MUCH that I’m going to split this into 2 blogs as I’m getting my hair did right now.


A small island in the heart of town town which holds the aquarium, bike trails, the totem poles, and tons of beach area. We hopped on our bikes and did the 7km path around the exterior of the island.

A waterpark we found. Too cold for water tho.

Looking out from where Scott is in the pic above.

Under lions gate bridge.

Still riding around…

We saw red starfish!!

The map of Stanley park.

Of course… They had a playground…and we just had to play there 🙂

Actually 2 giant playgrounds…one across the field

Day and night shot.


Yet another island which holds a famous and sprawling market and is home to North Americas largest free outdoor water park.

It was raining on Scott’s birthday the first day we went.

Granville island brewery!! $18 sampler 

Granville has so many shops and things to do. You can easily spend the day here.

The second time we went, it was sunny! So we took the ferry around for a fun hour trip. It was only $15 for all of us to ride a loop to all the stops.

Her funny face.

They see me Rollin!

I spy Science World! Yes we went. See below.

Finally Granville has a killer kids building with a million things for all ages.


The view from the other side.

It was raining this day too lol

T rex!!!

This was by far the largest science center we have been to! We spent about 4 hours there, plus travel time with light rail. We explored less than half of the exhibits.

Every corner we turned there was so much more!!!!

We had to stop and eat at some point so we had a nice view.

Ok… More Van in the next blog!!!

2 weeks of Canadian high desert in Kelowna, BC

Okay so it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything so I may be a bit Rusty here.

The drive was about 4 hours through some windy and narrow roads. We had a near death experience driving so if you want to hear more about this you would have to ask…but were all ok so I will continue. We went through the town’s Sicamous and Vernon which is the photo with the lake in the house boats. Apparently it’s very popular spot together with family be out in nature and stay on a houseboat lol

So we drove and drove and drove and got to Kelowna which was quite different than the places we had been prior and that it was a high desert so the trees were more sparse and we were certainly feeling like we’re on top of the mountain. But there are lots of beautiful lakes up there so our RV Park was Hiawatha RV Park in the South Mission area…

.. we really enjoyed this RV park for so many reasons besides just being across from the lake there were no pets are allowed on the property so it was extremely clean, they also had a huge separate playground area for kids and the RV spot allows for your car to be parked right outside your door. 

Very convenient. …and it just happened to be right across the street from a huge lake. I mean so close you could throw  a a rock… So we frequently walked over to the beach area and played at the playground which was situated on the sand.

Lucky kid!

The views were stunning and much more than we ever expected!

Sunset in Kelowna.

I know right?!!?

The RV park backed up to Mission Creek so over the course of two weeks I took the kiddo on several bike rides along the water. There are lots of Pasteurs in Kelowna so we saw lots of horses and cows.

One of our days off we went to downtown Kelowna which was really awesome and had a huge abundance of shops. This was one of the largest downtown’s we’ve been to in a while!

She liked the dragons tongue lol

There there is a very large dock that is open to the public for everybody to enjoy and walk out on.

Heres looking back at downtown.

You know how we love our disc golf. We looked at the course and found one at the North End of downtown called Knox Mountain Park. They had a course that was 9 holes but you could play it backwards so it came out to 18 and it was really fun to play and also right along the lake

Canadian sun does not mess around.

More beautiful sunsets along Okanagan Lake.

One evening we decided to go for a drive along Lakeshore Road which runs along the East Shore. It turned out to be quite an epic drive and we must have seen over 40 Deer within 20 minutes and not to mention dozens of gorgeous wineries.

Downtown Kelowna

On the quick walk back to the car in downtown we noticed an entirely free Japanese Garden area which was stunning beyond belief so we spent some time admiring the koi and plants.

Another afternoon we went to Bear Creek Provincial Park in West Kelowna. That means you have to take this beautiful Floating Bridge from the East side of town across the Okanagan Lake to West Kelowna. It was about a 25-minute drive tops.

I feel like we didn’t do that much here but I guess we did looking back. Especially for only being there two short weeks almost every day we did something fun and adventurous. Our two favorite restaurants no I take that back our most favorite restaurant was sturgeon Hall Restaurant which has a cool outdoor patio along a busy Street and awesome beer and food specials. They had a fantastic selection of beer I would highly recommend that the Granville Island pale ale or they nasty habit IPA. both were highly addicting so I think we went to this restaurant three or four times. We also went to Kelly O’Brien’s Irish Pub. Certainly not for the food but because they have an awesome second-story patio and awesome views of the lake and downtown area. Next stop Vancouver BC. By the way right after we left Kelowna apparently they had an amazing Showcase of Northern Lights which we missed 😦 and then within two weeks of leaving it started to snow so I guess it was good that we got out of the mountains after all!

8 days in the town of Revelstoke, BC & pipe mountain coaster!!

There is a lot to do here. The nice thing is that it is very secluded being far from both Vancouver BC and Calgary Alberta. I think this limits tourism and visitors so that the town only has 7500 plus residents but still tons of amenities and outdoor stuff to do. They have awesome bike trails, an amazing Indoor Aquatic Center, a Great Library and lots of great restaurants and bars of course!!

We stayed at the Lamplighter RV park which is close to downtown on the side of town called Big Eddy.

We ended up really liking this RV park because they have lightning fast internet, and we just happen to get an amazing spot with distant neighbors and a great big green space near the playground!

Here’s a sunset from our first night. Unfortunately the rest of the knights were not like this because the BC fire smoke got so bad we literally could not see the mountains for the rest of the trip until our very last day.

Here’s Revelstoke on a clear day.

There are three Bridges that cross to the Big Eddy side. One is the Trans Canada Highway 1, 1 is a train track, and one is a Bridge meant only for smaller vehicles

The kiddo and I took a nice long bike ride on one of the clear days!

The downtown area is small but still large enough you can walk around and spend the day there. There is an abundance of shopping great food bars and lots of nice people.

One of them are Smoky days we got adventurous and decided to head into Revelstoke National Park and attempt to hike skunk cabbage Boardwalk. It turned out to be entirely too smokey and we didn’t let the kiddo walk in it.

Pretty nonetheless.

We gave up and headed into town to grab a beer at the Bierhaus and then Village Idiot Bar and grill.

For the coolest part about the town is the mountain resort where they have world-class skiing and almost more importantly they have what’s called a pipe coaster! You pay to take a gondola up to the Mountaintop… 

The gondola ride up is only about 5 Min and totally worth the views!!

Then… you sit in a single seat bucket and ride down a single-track metal Railway flying down the mountain!! 

At the top!! So excited!

It is about a 4-5 Min ride which you control completely, all by yourself…

There was no wait when we’ve got up there the first time. You go down so fast that there’s really no time to hold on to a video camera unless you have something like a GoPro. I held onto the handle so tight there’s no way I could have recorded the trip but there are plenty of videos on YouTube. Just Google Revelstoke pipe Mountain coaster.

We made it!!

We took the gondola up to the top to play some disc golf because apparently there is a course up there as well. It is extremely Steep and requires tons of hiking so we only played three of the nine holes.

Not to mention the smoke was extremely bad that day.

We said forget the disc golf we want to do the pipe coaster again. After you pay for the initial ride which for both of us was 55 Canadian we decided to go back and do a an additional ride for 10 bucks per person. It was so worth it and both of us flew down the second time feeling much more confident!!!

The second time writing the pipe coaster we had a small weight of less than 5 minutes but a couple people were ahead of us.

Here the view where you start!

And the gondola at the bottom.

Yesssss! A total bucket list thing!!

Another one of the days BC was fortunate enough to get a ton of rain which lasted an entire day. Although we were kind of trapped inside we’re really grateful because it would help with the fires. So I took the kid outside to play in some muddy puddles.

And this ends our week and Revelstoke. I would absolutely spend a whole summer and winter here to experience the snowboarding and see the snow fall and winter time. Next stop is Kelowna BC.

Mount Revelstoke in BC 

Seriously don’t tell anyone how cool it is because I don’t want a massive influx of visitors. The awesome thing about Revelstoke town and Mountain is that it’s relatively small with 7500 residence lots to do and a nice balance of nature as well. Today we decided to venture up to mount Revelstoke in Revelstoke National Park. This also happens to be our last day here and the only clear day that we’ve had pretty much this entire week. But what a day it was!

Revelstoke town view from above!

After a good 20 minute drive up, we made it to the summit.

The water is so unbelievably still it looks like glass! Until anikka threw a rock…

Her tongue…

I swear I can’t get one good pic lol

We hike for a short while to get to the official summit!

The view was breathtaking!!!

Below is the Columbia River.

A good pic!! Ample tongue.

More awesome views!

Still at the top of the mountain… another view point.

Super still waters.

After leaving Mount Revelstoke we headed back into town for some poutine and tea and coffee. Then we decided to drive up the 23 which cruise is along the Columbia River at the valley we had looked at from up above.

We pulled off in an area called Martha Creek.

Anikka and Scott threw about 100 rocks into the river.



Finally, the bridge to get us back to the RV park.

We will miss you, Revelstoke!!!

4 days in Golden, BC

Okay so the drive from Canmore to Golden was fairly easy and very beautiful. Driving through the Canadian Rockies is always fun quite hilly and delivers extraordinary views. I think the drive is only two and a half to three hours so quite minimal and painless. We had been up to Golden once before from a few months back when we stayed in Fairmont and decided to visit visit Glacier National Park of Canada. At the time we only drove through and use the washroom at a local grocery store. So we’re excited to go back and actually visit the town. It was basically a stop-over at 4 days so we knew we didn’t have much time however there isn’t too much to do here so not a big deal…

The drive through Yoho national park was pretty…and pretty smokey…we had limited visibility most of the time.

This picture is an enormous rock wall with a huge chain link fence to prevent rock slides and snow from collapsing on drivers apparently.

The good news is the RV park we stayed up was relatively empty, especially after staying at Canmore with wall-to-wall neighbors. We had lots of space and a nice view overlooking the town.

Golden has a nice river running through it as most of the town’s do here so we hit up a local restaurant and went for a nice walk.

Silly girl! Learning her finger coordination.

The town has a small row of shops…

One of the less Smokey afternoons we decided to go for a bike ride which was easily accessible from downtown.

We ended finding a secluded beach after an hour of bike riding which was quite a nice time to relax!

Making sand angels I guess…

Every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen period must have been every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen period must have been over every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen. It must have been over a mile long and kept stopping! We waited forever for it to pass…on a bike…

Possibly the best part of our stay at Golden was the trip into Yoho national park on the one clear day we had. We went to visit Emerald Lake not knowing how phenomenal it would be. But this was now over a week ago and I have a whole separate blog about that if you want to see more…

That was about all the adventures we had in Golden. I spent a lot of the time working and we just played outside casually so it was a good time to collect and relax. However our next stop at Revelstoke is full of Adventure. More soon!!!

Bye USA! Into Canada we go… 

The drive from Coeur d’Alene into Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada was relatively short. we did not know how long it would take to cross through the border from USA into Canada so we budgeted about an hour of time. It ended up taking all of 10 minutes LOL. Yay for Canadians!
The drive up was absolutely gorgeous… really stunning to be honest. Little did we know how much beauty we would be in for!

We hit a little bit of rain initially Crossing into Canada…

… and then it was only about an hour drive north into beautiful Cranbrook which is a small town of about 20 thousand nestled at the base of the Canadian Rockies. Here’s pulling into Mount Baker RV PARK…

Lots of water nearby and in the RV park.

Once we settled in, I discovered that This happened during the drive… someone got bored…

All of us really enjoyed our time and Cranbrook and got to enjoy some sunny weather, some rain, a bit of wind and lots of clouds but all in all we spent most of the time Outdoors exploring and playing near creeks and in the mountains. 

The city gets lots of snow during the winter so they have an amazing indoor heated swimming pool which is totally meant for kids so of course we had to go enjoy your time there.


Pic coming!

The locals all highly recommended we go to The Heidout which was a local bar and grill in downtown Cranbrook. They had great service and awesome atmosphere and fantastic food and drinks … so we went twice…

Fisher peak beer.was consumed…

Apparently we did a lot of eating here because we also went to an awesome vietnamese pho place then…



Cranbrook has a gorgeous 18-hole disc golf course that has awesome views too!

After playing disc golf we passed by an outdoor splash pad which was running even during the 60 degree weather so we stopped to play for a bit…

The views were amazing and everything we hoped for!! Next stop…Fairmont hot springs in British Columbia!!

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