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A quick flight to Portland for some fun!

A good friends daughter who is also a good friend happened to be turning 21. I also happened to make her a promise when she was 11 or 12 years old that I would be there for her on her 21st birthday and no matter what. So that was very important to me and we made it happen. The flight leaving Sacramento was very full, but it was a clear sunny day for flying.

1 hour and 20 Min later…. Portland!

On her birthday, I took Kendra to shop and have drinks at Thirsty Lion! Because what else would we do right??!?

We drink lots of IPA and had a great day out. Then we had Kendra’s birthday party at the Rock Woodfired Pizza in Beaverton.

We went out to Portland afterwards and spent time on Alberta with friends…

The next night we grabbed a drink at Waltz Brewery.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave!

10 glorious days in Canmore, Alberta…again!!!

There’s something really special about Canmore. I don’t know how to describe it or do I really want you to go there because part of the draw is that it is a small town of only about 13000 people. Granted the cost of living is quite high in the average home is priced over $900,000 Canadian however for what you get there I think it’s well worth it. Here’s a bit of what we did in our 10 day stay…

First we drove from Jasper National Park down towards Canmore which requires you to go through Banff National Park also. We took the 93 down which happened to be about a 5 hour drive and one of the most phenomenal drives I’ve ever done in my life. We got really lucky because of the smoke from the BC wildfires was minimal and we got to enjoy the stunning views along the way.

This picture was a pull off along the 93 which looked right into a huge Glacier tucked in between the mountains.

Then we drove through the Columbia Icefields!!! Very famous in Canada.

They are much much much larger than you see in the photo. That is barely the start of it and the icefields extend for many hundreds of hectares off into the mountains behind here.

Anikka got to sit up front to see the views…plus after 4 hours she got wiggly.

More turquoise waters…

This was just the drive!! Holy cow!!

Getting closer to Canmore…


Finally we made it!!! And were parked with a creek at our backend.

This is where we spent most of our time. It is a massive complex called elevation place right in the heart of Canmore and within a 6 Minute bike ride from the RV park. Not only do they have free WiFi throughout but they have an awesome 40 ft climbing wall a massive indoor heated pool, indoor gym and tons of private study areas with desks for us to work which Overlook the pool. Both of us went there several times per day to get work and school done because WiFi was not good at the RV park.

Anikka liked to watch the climbers. She decided when she turns 6 she can do this.

They also had a free play area!!

We swam often, but never did this cool obstacle course…even though I really wanted to!

The locals call these peaks the 3 sisters.

We went on mini bike rides both individually and as a family to explore the beautiful Outdoors. You can’t help it when the entire town is full of bike trails and gorgeous scenery.

Of course we found 2 Disc golf courses and played at one of them. The last time we stayed here we had played at the other (at the Nordic Centre) although it was much more challenging.

The best part of the trip was my birthday No Doubt. We got to return to Lake Louise which is phenomenal in itself but we also rented a canoe and spent an entire hour out on the famous turquoise Waters!

That’s the massive Chateau Fairmont in the background.

Happy girls!

Adventure girl. For her first time in a canoe she did so well and had such a blast

We made it to the end!!

She was “fishing”

Heres the side most people don’t get to see.

So cute!!! And safe…


Heading back. With the one-hour boat rental you have to go at a pretty good speed to get all the way to the end and back in the time limit.

And snack time!

We took advantage of the free bus system which allows you to park and take the bus all the way up to the lake and get dropped off right in front. It was super efficient as most Canadian things are and really the way to go. I would highly recommend it to anyone there was literally no waiting involved they really have their act together. On the way up and down to the lake they stopped by Lake Louise Village and visitor center so on the way back down we stopped to check it out.

Happy birthday to me!

I’m really grateful to enjoy an awesome birthday in my favorite Town ever.

One of the other cool things we did was visit Johnston Canyon which is in Banff National Park and a very popular attraction.

There are several hike options but we did the shortest.

The hike ends up being less than 1 mile and ends at gorgeous water falls.

There is a huge tunnel which you can walk through and get really close to the waterfalls so we waited in line for about 10 minutes to see it.

My sweetheart.


So pretty the mountains are.

It makes me want to puke it’s so pretty.

Our daily ride home from Elevation Place.

Finally on the night before we left we took a drive to explore the mountains in a place we had not been. We ended up driving for nearly two hours and found a place called Spray Lakes which is hidden deep deep deep in the mountains behind canmore.

The morning we left 😦 everyone was melancholy but still excited for revelstoke.

Bye Canmore. We will miss you.

Celebrating a 3 year olds birthday!

We decided initially to spend her bday in Whitefish and Kalispell Montana instead of Canada just because there is more to do in the larger towns… Here’s how the day went…

She woke up to this in the RV…100 emoji balloons in the RV lol

A few presents and some were hidden! She still hasn’t opened them all but we are intentionally spreading them out.

Her peppa pig present from aunty…

Quality time with dad.

Happy mom and bday girl! Next stop was City Beach in Whitefish.


We found a shady spot around 10 am and anikka must have carries 10 buckets of water to make a most!

We all played on the beach and built sandcastles and lakes.

After a few hours and anikka first kayak ride…

we all decided to grab a snack at McKenzie River Pizza Co. In Kalispell.

The purple pizza looks funny but was sooooooo good!!

It was a mix of a sweet Huckleberry cream and pine nuts… surprisingly good! Plus beer was $3.50 each!! Yay for happy hour.

Cool decor and great ambiance.

Nicely done!

She was a happy 3 year old!

Back to the RV for more presents!!

Scott enjoyed murdering the balloons lol

We spend the remainder of the evening at the RV park playground with a friend anikka had made friends with, a 4 year old Brooklyn…they ran and played and had cupcakes!

Then we had a tired girl. 

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