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British Columbia

Immigrating to British Columbia Canada

Well…. That’s it. We are out of the RV and approved for a work permit in BC! We haven’t really told that many people about this, so… Surprise!

There has been tons…and I mean tons of behind the scenes work with an immigration consultant to get to this point, but what else can I say? We visited Canada and fell in love with it for SOOOOOOO many reasons.

Now that we are in a house in a small town called Squamish, we won’t tell you how cool it is up here so the secret is safeguarded 🙂

We will however, document the summer, fall, winter and subsequent spring here with photos of the scenery, wildlife, events and growth we go through.

Cheers BC!

Currently… October 2018

The snow is already dusting the tops of the surrounding mountains and Howe Sound.

We were lucky enough to find a home in the highly desirable downtown Squamish area, walking distance to virtually everything. We have a 3 bed house with a huge deck and yard larger than our house in phoenix… Which is very rare here, most people live in a townhouse due to cost of living. It’s not a damn mansion by any means, but we’re happy to all have space again!!

Backyard is facing the Stawamus Chief… Or the chief for short… But nothing short of impressive. We basically get to look at Half Dome (Yosemite National Park) every day.

There is also a small view of Shannon falls as well as the sea to sky gondola. Scott has a detached garage out back for his drums.’s a drum hut.

Ok … Bye for now!

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park

Wow! We had no idea was such a treat… certainly on par with Lake Louise and Lake Moraine!

Ironically we actually ended up here by accident. Our entire plan was to spend the day adventuring at the world’s longest continuous Wetlands which is about 15 minutes south of where we are staying. However when we looked online we found out that they are not doing canoe rentals because of lack of Tourism and the BC fires. Instead I thought we were just heading to an average small Lake but this ended up being absolutely phenomenal. Although I guess I should have expected that with all of the beauty here anyhow.

They had Canoe rentals for $60 per hour. We opted not to rent a canoe this time but rather go for a hike to the end of the lake and back. We ended up walking one point eight miles total. We could have walked all the way around the lake but were pretty tired by the time we made it to the halfway point.

After letting Annika play in the lake for over an hour we dried her off because her clothes were completely soaked and had an awesome picnic in the grass overlooking the Lake.

She’s such a good ball!!

Then we went for the hike!!

There was lots of runoff from the lake which created little tiny ponds. When we looked in there were actually decent sized fish in there around 1 to 2 inches!

She was so tired!

Anikka and Scott like to read the signs together.

It’s really neat how the water changes color when the clouds cover up the Sun.


Proud dad.

She found this rock that she really liked and carried it all the way back to the end of the trail but of course we gave it back to the nature at the end.

Here’s the trail heading back…

Indescribable water colour!!

Until our next adventure…

Where in the world have we been?

This is our ongoing list of cities/RV Parks we have stayed at starting April 17, 2017.

Phoenix, AZ, Desert Shadows RV Resort, about 5 days

Beaumont, CA, Country Hills RV Park, 3 days

Coarsegold, CA, Yosemite RV Resort, about 10 days

Granite Bay, CA, stayed with family, 2 weeks

Redding, CA, Green Acres RV Park, 4 days

Ashland, OR, Glenyan RV Park & Campground, 5 days

Portland, OR, Jantzen Beach RV Park and Columbia River RV Park, 1 week

Hood River, OR, Bridge RV Park & Campground, 3 days

Umatilla, OR, Umatilla Marina RV Park, about 5 days

Coeur d’Alene, ID, Blackwell Island RV Park, about 1 week

Cranbrook, BC, Canada, Mount Baker RV Park, about 1 week

Fairmont Hot Springs RV Resort, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada, 5 days

Canmore, Alberta, Canada, Spring Creek RV Campground, about 10 days

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Calgary West Campground, 10 days

Fernie, Alberta, Canada, Fernie RV Resort, about 1 week

Whitefish/Coram, Montana, North American RV Park, 10 days

Waterton Lakes National Park, Albert, Canada, Waterton Springs Campground, 1 week

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Westerner RV Campground, 3 days

Edmonton, Alberta, Kinsmen St. Albert RV Park, 1 week

Hinton, Alberta, Hinton-Jasper KOA, 1 week

Canmore, Alberta, Spring Creek RV Park, 10 days

Golden, British Columbia, Whispering Spring Campground and RV Park, 4 days

Revelstoke, BC, Lamplighter RV Park, 8 days

More soon!

Lots of outdoor time in Fernie BC

Well, we love Canada.

We spent nearly the entire time in Fernie outdoors…which is what we love!!

Tons of bike rides…they have so many rec trails along the river and around the town.

This is elk River…

We went to a fruit stand… Spent $10 on 2 lbs of local cherries!

We went up to the alpine ski lodge just 5 Min south of town…

I bet it’s gorgeous during winter!!

A couple pics of the RV park….

Here’s the main local park we played at…and later came back for the weekly farmers market…

A real train for the kids to climb on…

Then we took the 20 Min drive north to Sparwood where we visited the world’s largest truck!!

Anikka for contrast…she’s 3 feet tall…

Anikka doing some yoga…

Fernie had an awesome aquatic center…

We swam for a few hours…

It was only $5 per person to swim and anikka was free!

Nice sunny days!!

Back up to the alpine lodge. We thought they had a carnival but no luck…

Still had fun…

Nice views…

Then we went to Island Lake lodge where justin bribery rents out a cottage for a month each year AND Justin Timberlake had his birthday last year!! It’s hidden deep in the woods after a 2 mile drive…

Deep in the woods…

Finally we took turns riding bikes down hill toward town while one of us drove…

Then we found an awesome bridge over the river so we stopped to play for a bit.

This is a local Rec area right in town where people swim and play in The Lakes. The water was very clean and clear.

We got to see a fantastic double rainbow over the RV Resort before we left. What a gift!!

Finally, we went to the farmers market!!

Anikka got a tattoo!!

Temporary of course…

Aaaand back to the park…

Fernie pub and brewery…

We ate anikka macaroni lol she ate the veggies!

I ended up ordering what was called a Caesar. It’s basically a Canadian bloody Mary with some oyster juice mixed in. It was really good!!

My early morning bike ride…

Gorgeous skies

Byeeeee Fernie!!!

Onward to the states! Montana and glacier national park here we come!!

Back to beautiful British Columbia mountains for a week in Fernie!

So the drive from Calgary to Fernie was a bit longer than we had expected. Even using Google Maps to help navigate the trip ended up taking over 4 hours, this was mostly do to a few roadblocks and because we had to drive slow going up and down the hills to get into the mountains again. 

Bye Calgary!

We actually thought we had taken a wrong turn because we ended up taking a small Farm Road that cut across some beautiful fields. Canada has some amazing farmland so here is the gentle progression from Calgary back up into the mountains..

Tons of flowers in bloom!

More flat…

This is the worst traffic we have seen in months LOL!! It was a 10 minute delay…

Finally! A hill!!

Getting more terrain…

Yes!! A river!!! Elk Valley River…

And then…bam!! Fernie.

Fernie RV Resort. Apparently this is the newest RV Resort in British Columbia right now!!

What have we done? Well, we Googled some restaurants and ended up going to a place called with The Loaf. They had an awesome outdoor patio, they were kid friendly, and they had an awesome selection of beer and pizza!


They also have a gorgeous disc golf course here so we went yesterday to play. We played about 8 holes and then saw a big storm coming (and kid needed a nap!)

Today we woke up to heavy clouds and some drizzle outside. It’s actually really pretty and you cannot see the mountains just the giant trees lining the sky right now. Not sure what we have planned today except a little bit of work but I’m sure will be outdoors doing something fun soon!!

The view from our bedroom…

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