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Return to Portland Oregon

Back again for a month in a great city with many of our amazing friends!! Even when it’s raining so you just laugh in the car 🙂

This was a whole ago, sorry for the delay, but here are some highlights.

We were at Alberta Park and a little girl randomly asked to paint Anikka’s face… It was good practice 😉

We played with friends…

And went on many many bike rides. The weather was great in April!

And played golf at Top Golf in Beaverton.

And parks…

Aaaand Wintler Beach on the Washington side…

Aaaand enjoyed lots of beer and pizza between Hot Lips Pizza and Breakside Brewery!!

Otherwise, were happy to say, Portland is about the same as it’s been and we like it that way!

Back to Oregon and one of our favorite cities, Ashland

After several months in California around Granite Bay and Loomis we enjoyed our time immensely and had to say a Bittersweet goodbye to family but we are also excited to get back on the road doing what we love which is traveling in our RV!

The the drive took over 6 hours all in all but it was a beautiful day and we had no trouble and hit very little traffic. We made a few stops along the way of course and did not get much of a view of Mount Shasta due to Super dense clouds hovering right above it.

We have stayed in Ashland many times before and we love the city. Last year we stayed at glenyan Canyon RV park and had a great time. We loved how the RV park was right up against a creek so there was a constant white noise in the background.

Anyhow so this time we are staying at Emigrant Lake Campground which is stunning. You can’t beat the price at $30 and night and the views are spectacular. The entire Lake and RV park is nestled between some hills overlooking the lake and every spot has a great view. There is tons of hiking around boat docks fishing camping playgrounds everything you name it. It has a resort vibe.

This is the view looking out our living room right now!

And this boat ramp is actually looking back at the RV park. Our RV is directly in the center….kinda under a shade tree.

Of course we had to visit Lithia Park and hang out at the playground a few times. We also went to grab drinks and lunch at Standing Rock Brewery.

What a gorgeous day we got to enjoy. Not a cloud was in the sky except for the Chemtrails LOL. We had an awesome day together and happy to be back in our little (big) RV.

I remembered why I love spring in Oregon!

We sat on the patio at a place called overalls which overlooked the creek and was amazing. By the way they have Super Mario Brothers 3 so if you have kids it’s a great place to hang out and keep them entertained!

Here’s to more nice weather while we’re here!

A quick flight to Portland for some fun!

A good friends daughter who is also a good friend happened to be turning 21. I also happened to make her a promise when she was 11 or 12 years old that I would be there for her on her 21st birthday and no matter what. So that was very important to me and we made it happen. The flight leaving Sacramento was very full, but it was a clear sunny day for flying.

1 hour and 20 Min later…. Portland!

On her birthday, I took Kendra to shop and have drinks at Thirsty Lion! Because what else would we do right??!?

We drink lots of IPA and had a great day out. Then we had Kendra’s birthday party at the Rock Woodfired Pizza in Beaverton.

We went out to Portland afterwards and spent time on Alberta with friends…

The next night we grabbed a drink at Waltz Brewery.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave!

Cruising the 101 (Oregon Coast Highway) from Florence to Brookings

Ok, if you ever get the chance to take a 3.5 hour drive of your life, this is it! Granted the RV provides some epic views due to its height 🙂 still a highly recommended drive.

Among the many towns we drove through include Reedsport, Winchester Bay, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, and Gold Beach… Before arriving in Brookings. I have to say, gold beach was impressive and beautiful in it’s hidden bay area. Port Orford was much larger than expected. The entire drive was like a movie scene…

I honestly can’t say exactly where these spots were along the way but it felt like the entire drive was a visual treat.

We don’t typically pull over to look on travel days, but this was an exceptional day with no clouds and warm sun!

Another cove.

Then beach front RV Park in Brookings! Literally ON. THE. WATER. I could throw rocks or sand and hit the Pacific ocean.

We arrived just in time for sunset.

And oh what a sunset it was! I’m the first week of December no less.

Anikka got to play in soft, dry sand too.

The next morning, we got to wake up to this:

Its crazy but hardly anyone is here.

I took anikka to Azealea Park to find a playground. Guess what we found!!!

The most amazing playground ever.

It was a play land custom built for kids.

It was close to sunset again (430pm) and we saw some Christmas lights turn on in the park…so we went to investigate…

It was their annual holiday lighting in the park. And…we were there before opening so basically had it to ourselves!!

3 Days in Coos Bay, Oregon

We had the opportunity to spend a weekend in lovely Coos Bay, which is 1 hour south of Florence. While the RV was parked for free at the thousand trails park we stayed at the Edgewater Inn which offers Bayside views, indoor pool, jacuzzi, workout room, and continental breakfast.

It was the first time sleeping outside of the RV in 5 months so needless to say I was stoked! The room was large and below are views out the back porch!

Naturally, we visited the only brewery in town.. 7 Devils Brewing.

This is a good sized city with 15,000+ residents. We found an epic flower outside.

One of the less rainy days we went for a drive toward Cape Arago…and ended up finding Sunset Bay!

And Simpson Reef.

And Shore Acres State Park.

And finally Cape Arago State Park. Then the rain started again.

We were heading back when a huge break in the clouds happened. We diverted to the nearest beach which happened to be Bastendorf Beach!

We ran, dug, and flew kites until we were all tuckered out.

Ah, life is good. We really liked coos bay overall and would definitely stay there a few weeks to get the local feel. The food was good and reasonably priced. Try eating at Simon’s Chinese and Japanese restaurant!

There’s a beautiful board walk which we didn’t do because of rain…next time! 

The big bridge on the north end of town is amazing to drive through too!!

Florence, Oregon

The drive from Pacific City to Florence is only 96 miles, but with a land yacht, wet roads, and continuous hills, it took nearly 3 hours to drive.

The next RV park is South Jetty RV Park and another one of our Thousand Trails system resorts. This park is massive, hilly, and heavily wooded with 100′ tall trees containing 25′ branches, gently swaying over the RV. We picked our spot at the top of a hill, full hookups, and more sunlight that we’d seen in a few weeks.

Anyhow, Florence has about 8,000 residents so it’s much larger than Pacific City and dining options are plentiful.

The town has one main Street for shopping, eating, and strolling. The town is full of painted sea lion statues.

Main Street is parallel to the Siuslaw River and provides some gorgeous scenery.

There are a few docks to walk along and open to the public.

We walked and enjoyed a sunny day in the middle of November!

Since Florence is not directly on the water like Pacific City, we had to walk a good 3/4 mile to reach a beach…but it was totally worth the effort as we watched the sun set.

Florence has a GREAT public library for little kids to play on rainy days…not that those ever happen here lol

We got to make new friends.

A big attraction here is the Sea Lion Caves which are the largest in the US.

This attraction has been around since 1930!!!

Anyhow, entrance is cheap at $14 per adult and free kid. If you come here, plan on walking. ALOT. UPHILL. DOWNHILL. THE WHOLE TIME.

See that path? It’s like 300′ long and 150+ feet up. The views are worth it!

Once you follow the path down, you take a 1 minute elevator ride down into a cave 200 feet. It’s intense, let me tell you. I included a video with sound below. The sound from 100+ sea lions in a cave is eerily powerful…

In the caves you can climb more stairs…

But you are rewarded with…

We stayed about an hour then took the dreaded walk back uphill.

Last but not least, Thanksgiving…

We don’t do things traditional style, but were not exactly a traditional family so it works for us 🙂 we had a cruelty free feast and loved every second of it! We continue to be grateful for the freedom and opportunities we have on a daily basis.

Our little robot.

Day trippin to Newport, Oregon

We drove south along the 101 which parallels the ocean from Pacific City to Newport.  It was a beautiful sunny day and a pretty epic drive…

We made a spur of the moment stop at Devil’s Punch Bowl… You can’t see much from the pic but down below but the hole is an enormous with fierce crashing waves.

Scott and I have both been in Newport before so it was a fun place to revisit. The weather was good. No wind and no rain…until later on in the day…

Rogue Brewery

Ok so by now the wind was strong and cold…but we got to see sea lions up close…and boy do they stink. Peeyew!

We visited a few shops, restaurants and candy shops…

On the way back toward Pacific City we stopped at the Yakina Lighthouse…which would have cost $8 to enter the park BUT WERE AWESOME AND HAD A NATIONAL PARKS PASS AND GOT IN FREE 🙂

It was sooooooo windy!!! We stayed in the car and observed everything. At this point we were done and ready for the long drive home before the 430pm sunset this time of year. 

It’s a cool city to visit, mostly family friendly and rogue Brewery was amazing! We got the 4 hop and the 6 hop along with a great kids menu with FRESH BIG chunks of fish. Service was hit or miss and the weather ended pretty thought but all in all a good visit!

2 weeks in Pacific City. Population 1,000.

This little beachside town is more than we expected. Not in size but in views, nature, and great people. This RV park was the first one we will stay at within the Thousand Trails system…we pay an annual fee to be in a membership only group of luxury RV parks with locations all over the US.

The RV park was so big it took 7 minutes to drive from the entrance to our spot…which was one of not very many with full hookups. 50 amp baby!!

Our nearest neighbour was 50 feet away. 

They had 3 playgrounds, a hot tub, and a MASSIVE club house at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. It held an entire kids playroom,, pool, video games, big screen TV, tables,  adult area,  and views!!! Best thing is we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time!!


Oh…we were also within walking distance to the beach!!!!

We were lucky enough to get a few sunny days, but lots of light coastal rain in between.

We ate at Pelican Brewery many many times…worked daily at Stimulus Coffee across the street…

…and ate unlimited salad and pizza at Doryland. This was a great place also as they had free WiFi, arcade games, free popcorn, and a relaxed atmosphere…anikka loved it!!

We really enjoyed the small town. We had great service, great views and great drinks. We would highly recommend visiting!!

Our second home Portland Oregon

There’s just so much to do here, and for us it involves seeing as many friends as possible. We would love to spend more time here and catch up a bit more, but between Tiffany taking grad school classes working towards an MBA, a growing 3 year old, and a super busy, multi tasking Scott, we did about all we could in 2 weeks.

We stayed at the same RV park as in the spring June of 2017, which is the Colombia River RV park near the airport along Marine drive. There was an amazing Thai place close by so we must have ordered 10 meals from them over our stay…but PDX seems to be one of the best places for Thai food. 

We didn’t go to OMSI, which would have been amazing. We even have free passes but we just couldn’t find the time.

We did however get to trick or treat on Mississippi for Halloween with friends! In reverse order… (Thanks phone) from pumpkin patches on Sauvie Island to Halloween evening…

I got to go to a blue grass concert at Revolution Hall.

We played at Alberta Park with friends..

Anikka had TONS of friend time!!

Finally we discovered the City of Vancouver library. It is amazing for kids and adults alike. It is a 5 story building where the entire 3rd floor is dedicated to kids with so many play places, touchable objects, visuals, and books!

Cheers to one of our favourite cities!! Just watch out for traffic.

Onward to escape the city… heading to the Oregon Coast for 4 weeks! Pacific City here we come!

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