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RV downtime

A quick stay in Bothell, Washington

We found a gorgeous RV park in Bothell, which is about 45 Min north of Seattle proper. It’s called Lake Pleasant RV Park and each spot backs to a lake. It’s a cool concept with every spot getting a lake front space. There are tons of mature trees surrounding the property and because the park is a loop, it makes a run or bike lap totally fun! (And achievable for me lol)

Here was our view out the front windshield…

We really didn’t do much as anikka had a cold with cough here so it was mostly work and catching up on things like haircuts, massages and chiropractic care.

We have both spent plenty of time around Seattle so it wasn’t a critical thing that we visit hmthe city. It was actually kinda nice to stay in, exercise and work. 

If we had more time, we would have went to Seattle Science Center, Pikes Place market and a ferry ride…next time!

Week 2 around Yosemite National Park

The last few days have been rather slow in comparison. Honestly it feels really nice to spend time in the RV and in The Amazing RV park that we are at. They have a huge playground for anikka, which she loves to visit and tons of trails for us to walk on. In general we are all getting more accustomed to the RV life. Although we are still maintaining some routines in General on a car goes to bed much later now and sleeps in in the morning. We have all slept very very well in this as apparently RV parks are extremely quiet and dark at night. There’s almost no noise to wake you up in the morning, and you also know you’re sleeping in the middle of the woods so it is beyond peaceful so we all have been enjoying sleeping in a little bit and taking the days slower. Our fridge is stocked with local fresh produce and eggs and we have been eating meals home cooked in the RV almost this entire time. Not only are we spending much less money from cooking at home we are eating very healthy and lean meals. We use the cast iron skillet for almost every meal so I’m sure we have tons of iron in us LOL. Scott routinely makes trips to town so that we can have fresh water in our 5-gallon jugs, otherwise we feel like we have everything we need. There’s not a single item or material possession at our old house (like a table) that I could even imagine missing right now!! what we’re getting in return is so much more than that and we are happy to be living with very few possessions. For us we know this is such a great fit for our amily and we are excited for what’s ahead!

Anyhow we had an adventure the other day trying to find a well-known waterfall area called whisky Falls… about an hour away from us. Anyhow we drove about 40 minutes into a very secluded side of the hill and got to a point where we had a roadblock!!! A roadblock!?! The ONLY road to whisky falls was closed 😦 and we could not believe it after all the driving and exploring it done to see this place… And drink whiskey there of course… but the trail was closed!! 😦

 However being the spontaneous mf’ers we are, we quickly Googled some local trails and found we had several options within a 30 minute drive through amazing​ scenery!

We found a trail around Bass Lake called Willow Creek Trail. Once we got to the trail we were glad we went. It was very secluded and the entire Trail ran alongside a fast-paced Rushing River with tons of waterfalls along the way. 

Honestly this Trail was extremely steep and although Annika did really well climbing up I did not want her climbing down for obvious reasons…

… so Scott put her in the backpack and like a champ carried his daughter in and out. 

We had a super hike along and amazing and somewhat treacherous Trail but the views were totally worth it. 

We ended up being the only ones at the trailhead so we spent some time having snacks and running around outside under the trees. 

Not soon after Scott notice that there was poison oak around, and all around us, literally right next to where we had eaten. Luckily no one had touched it as we were really careful not to let on I could get near it almost to the point of paranoia haha

The other big news is that due to our extended stay at this RV park we had to move spaces…however, the opportunity came up that we got the BEST SPOT in the park (by our standards). 

We have neighbors on the backside only with the most gorgeous view of a hillside full of trees and of valley of grass down below. 

It reminds us of our family and Auburn California who have an amazing view like this from their home. Anyhow we are all really excited about the new spot as we have tons of grass and are under a shaded tree to be able to enjoy this phenomenal View. This view is out our bedroom window!!

Hopefully we will be able to do a fire tonight. We are planning one more big trip to Yosemite Valley tomorrow, so I will make updates if we end up going. More Adventures soon!!

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