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Immigrating to British Columbia Canada

Well…. That’s it. We are out of the RV and approved for a work permit in BC! We haven’t really told that many people about this, so… Surprise!

There has been tons…and I mean tons of behind the scenes work with an immigration consultant to get to this point, but what else can I say? We visited Canada and fell in love with it for SOOOOOOO many reasons.

Now that we are in a house in a small town called Squamish, we won’t tell you how cool it is up here so the secret is safeguarded 🙂

We will however, document the summer, fall, winter and subsequent spring here with photos of the scenery, wildlife, events and growth we go through.

Cheers BC!

Currently… October 2018

The snow is already dusting the tops of the surrounding mountains and Howe Sound.

We were lucky enough to find a home in the highly desirable downtown Squamish area, walking distance to virtually everything. We have a 3 bed house with a huge deck and yard larger than our house in phoenix… Which is very rare here, most people live in a townhouse due to cost of living. It’s not a damn mansion by any means, but we’re happy to all have space again!!

Backyard is facing the Stawamus Chief… Or the chief for short… But nothing short of impressive. We basically get to look at Half Dome (Yosemite National Park) every day.

There is also a small view of Shannon falls as well as the sea to sky gondola. Scott has a detached garage out back for his drums.’s a drum hut.

Ok … Bye for now!

Weekend trip to Olema Campground and Point Reyes National Seashore

We had planned this trip prior to Halloween, and included our family, Scott’s sister, brother in law, niece Jayne, and Grammy and Grandpa…oh and 2 big dogs.

The drive was very pretty and about 3 hours. 

Anyhow, we arrived and the place was flooded from all the recent rains… Good news was the campground was fairly empty. 

Once everyone arrived and setup…this was the crew:

We took a few good walks in nature and saw lots of deer. We had a campfire going and stayed up late talking outside. Sunset wasn’t bad either.

The next day we all went to the beach… because in CALIFORNIA you can roast in the sun during January.

We parked a short walk to the beach and arrived early enough to beat the crowds.


Then the kiddos were ready for naps and shade….so were we!

That’s about the 3-day weekend visit to Olema. It was fast but fun. It is great to spend so much time with family!!

Sacramento to Barstow and back in 4 days!!

When we first decided to do the RV thing, we decided on not bringing our beloved pets with us. As rookies, we didn’t have much basis on how all that works, let alone working full time, raising a toddler, and maintaining an RV. 

Well after 8 months we missed the animals so much we decided to get our mutt Hot Dog back. This meant arranging him to get from Tucson Arizona to Sacramento California.

Thanks to some awesome family members and some carefully planned road tripping, we were off to visit family and pick up our pup from Barstow.

Along the way, we spent the night in Bakersfield CA. Which isn’t a terribly exciting place, but we stayed at Rosedale hotel and had a great experience. The room opened to a huge playground and we enjoyed the hot tub!

The sunset was beautiful and we ordered a pizza for dinner while working.

The next day, we hit the road. Southern California is a different terrain, but has its beautiful and unique features.

We were finally reunited with hotdogs and able to see family and that we had not seen in 8 months of travel… especially Anikkas great aunt Tia who was over the moon happy to see her girl!

We were over the moon happy to see hot doggie!! And cousins!!!

One of the things that we are most grateful for is our ability and freedom to travel and see friends and family as much as possible. It was really great to catch up with everybody and we appreciate the hospitality.

Holidays in Granite Bay, CA

I can’t even start to explain what a great holiday it was to be around family, be out of the RV in an actual house, and watch anikka play with her Grammy, Grandpa, and cousin Jayne.

The grandparents had a beautiful tree.

Anikka did lots of baking…but more cookie eating.

She played outside lots and lots and lots

We took too many pictures…

We attended cousin Jaynes first birthday!

And opened sooooooo many presents!

Cruising the 101 (Oregon Coast Highway) from Florence to Brookings

Ok, if you ever get the chance to take a 3.5 hour drive of your life, this is it! Granted the RV provides some epic views due to its height 🙂 still a highly recommended drive.

Among the many towns we drove through include Reedsport, Winchester Bay, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, and Gold Beach… Before arriving in Brookings. I have to say, gold beach was impressive and beautiful in it’s hidden bay area. Port Orford was much larger than expected. The entire drive was like a movie scene…

I honestly can’t say exactly where these spots were along the way but it felt like the entire drive was a visual treat.

We don’t typically pull over to look on travel days, but this was an exceptional day with no clouds and warm sun!

Another cove.

Then beach front RV Park in Brookings! Literally ON. THE. WATER. I could throw rocks or sand and hit the Pacific ocean.

We arrived just in time for sunset.

And oh what a sunset it was! I’m the first week of December no less.

Anikka got to play in soft, dry sand too.

The next morning, we got to wake up to this:

Its crazy but hardly anyone is here.

I took anikka to Azealea Park to find a playground. Guess what we found!!!

The most amazing playground ever.

It was a play land custom built for kids.

It was close to sunset again (430pm) and we saw some Christmas lights turn on in the park…so we went to investigate…

It was their annual holiday lighting in the park. And…we were there before opening so basically had it to ourselves!!

Day trippin to Newport, Oregon

We drove south along the 101 which parallels the ocean from Pacific City to Newport.  It was a beautiful sunny day and a pretty epic drive…

We made a spur of the moment stop at Devil’s Punch Bowl… You can’t see much from the pic but down below but the hole is an enormous with fierce crashing waves.

Scott and I have both been in Newport before so it was a fun place to revisit. The weather was good. No wind and no rain…until later on in the day…

Rogue Brewery

Ok so by now the wind was strong and cold…but we got to see sea lions up close…and boy do they stink. Peeyew!

We visited a few shops, restaurants and candy shops…

On the way back toward Pacific City we stopped at the Yakina Lighthouse…which would have cost $8 to enter the park BUT WERE AWESOME AND HAD A NATIONAL PARKS PASS AND GOT IN FREE 🙂

It was sooooooo windy!!! We stayed in the car and observed everything. At this point we were done and ready for the long drive home before the 430pm sunset this time of year. 

It’s a cool city to visit, mostly family friendly and rogue Brewery was amazing! We got the 4 hop and the 6 hop along with a great kids menu with FRESH BIG chunks of fish. Service was hit or miss and the weather ended pretty thought but all in all a good visit!

2 weeks in Pacific City. Population 1,000.

This little beachside town is more than we expected. Not in size but in views, nature, and great people. This RV park was the first one we will stay at within the Thousand Trails system…we pay an annual fee to be in a membership only group of luxury RV parks with locations all over the US.

The RV park was so big it took 7 minutes to drive from the entrance to our spot…which was one of not very many with full hookups. 50 amp baby!!

Our nearest neighbour was 50 feet away. 

They had 3 playgrounds, a hot tub, and a MASSIVE club house at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. It held an entire kids playroom,, pool, video games, big screen TV, tables,  adult area,  and views!!! Best thing is we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time!!


Oh…we were also within walking distance to the beach!!!!

We were lucky enough to get a few sunny days, but lots of light coastal rain in between.

We ate at Pelican Brewery many many times…worked daily at Stimulus Coffee across the street…

…and ate unlimited salad and pizza at Doryland. This was a great place also as they had free WiFi, arcade games, free popcorn, and a relaxed atmosphere…anikka loved it!!

We really enjoyed the small town. We had great service, great views and great drinks. We would highly recommend visiting!!

Vancouver BC (2 of 2)

Ok so the weather was okish. You can’t expect too much for end of September and early October in Canada. We had rain but we also had sun. Both Scott and I ran outdoors a lot and were across the street from Burnaby Lake which was a huge huge huge area left natural…free of bikes too!

We would run to the spit. Which is  basically a long deck extended over the lake full of wildlife.

Oh and black squirrels. They were everywhere.


for the size of the city, this was smaller than we anticipated. Still fun!!


This $1 million playground was as epic as it sounds. It’s out overlooking the water as far West in Richmond as you can get. About a 45 Min drive from Burnaby.

Anikka found her true passion on the zip line! We must have done that 15 times.


Nice views looking west.


this was 5 Min from the RV park and held a disc golf course too!


Scott and anikka went while I worked. Apparently I missed out!

The space was huge and open for close encounters with rare birdies!!

The two abover are the world’s second largest macaws!

At the mall…

Cool graffiti.

That’s about enough of Van. We loved it and explored a lot. Loved the indoor jacuzzi but excited to get back to the mountains up north in Squamish!

Vancouver BC (1 of 2)

We spent 3 weeks total at Burnaby-Caribou RV Park in Burnaby…which is a suburb just south of Vancouver. One of the dozens of suburbs actually. Vancouver is the largest city we have been to in Canada with over 2.4 million people and multiple sprawling downtown areas. It is quit impressive, very lush and green with tons of parks, playgrounds and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Here’s pulling into the RV park. This one was cool because they had a massive playground, indoor heated pool, hot tub, 1500sf TV room, rooftop patio, and good WiFi signal. Yes that’s how we judge RV parks lol. The only downside was the parking situation. This was the only time the entire trip we couldn’t park at the RV. They had a designated area close by.

So we did SO MUCH that I’m going to split this into 2 blogs as I’m getting my hair did right now.


A small island in the heart of town town which holds the aquarium, bike trails, the totem poles, and tons of beach area. We hopped on our bikes and did the 7km path around the exterior of the island.

A waterpark we found. Too cold for water tho.

Looking out from where Scott is in the pic above.

Under lions gate bridge.

Still riding around…

We saw red starfish!!

The map of Stanley park.

Of course… They had a playground…and we just had to play there 🙂

Actually 2 giant playgrounds…one across the field

Day and night shot.


Yet another island which holds a famous and sprawling market and is home to North Americas largest free outdoor water park.

It was raining on Scott’s birthday the first day we went.

Granville island brewery!! $18 sampler 

Granville has so many shops and things to do. You can easily spend the day here.

The second time we went, it was sunny! So we took the ferry around for a fun hour trip. It was only $15 for all of us to ride a loop to all the stops.

Her funny face.

They see me Rollin!

I spy Science World! Yes we went. See below.

Finally Granville has a killer kids building with a million things for all ages.


The view from the other side.

It was raining this day too lol

T rex!!!

This was by far the largest science center we have been to! We spent about 4 hours there, plus travel time with light rail. We explored less than half of the exhibits.

Every corner we turned there was so much more!!!!

We had to stop and eat at some point so we had a nice view.

Ok… More Van in the next blog!!!

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