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Cruising the 101 (Oregon Coast Highway) from Florence to Brookings

Ok, if you ever get the chance to take a 3.5 hour drive of your life, this is it! Granted the RV provides some epic views due to its height 🙂 still a highly recommended drive.

Among the many towns we drove through include Reedsport, Winchester Bay, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, and Gold Beach… Before arriving in Brookings. I have to say, gold beach was impressive and beautiful in it’s hidden bay area. Port Orford was much larger than expected. The entire drive was like a movie scene…

I honestly can’t say exactly where these spots were along the way but it felt like the entire drive was a visual treat.

We don’t typically pull over to look on travel days, but this was an exceptional day with no clouds and warm sun!

Another cove.

Then beach front RV Park in Brookings! Literally ON. THE. WATER. I could throw rocks or sand and hit the Pacific ocean.

We arrived just in time for sunset.

And oh what a sunset it was! I’m the first week of December no less.

Anikka got to play in soft, dry sand too.

The next morning, we got to wake up to this:

Its crazy but hardly anyone is here.

I took anikka to Azealea Park to find a playground. Guess what we found!!!

The most amazing playground ever.

It was a play land custom built for kids.

It was close to sunset again (430pm) and we saw some Christmas lights turn on in the park…so we went to investigate…

It was their annual holiday lighting in the park. And…we were there before opening so basically had it to ourselves!!

Where in the world have we been?

This is our ongoing list of cities/RV Parks we have stayed at starting April 17, 2017.

Phoenix, AZ, Desert Shadows RV Resort, about 5 days

Beaumont, CA, Country Hills RV Park, 3 days

Coarsegold, CA, Yosemite RV Resort, about 10 days

Granite Bay, CA, stayed with family, 2 weeks

Redding, CA, Green Acres RV Park, 4 days

Ashland, OR, Glenyan RV Park & Campground, 5 days

Portland, OR, Jantzen Beach RV Park and Columbia River RV Park, 1 week

Hood River, OR, Bridge RV Park & Campground, 3 days

Umatilla, OR, Umatilla Marina RV Park, about 5 days

Coeur d’Alene, ID, Blackwell Island RV Park, about 1 week

Cranbrook, BC, Canada, Mount Baker RV Park, about 1 week

Fairmont Hot Springs RV Resort, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada, 5 days

Canmore, Alberta, Canada, Spring Creek RV Campground, about 10 days

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Calgary West Campground, 10 days

Fernie, Alberta, Canada, Fernie RV Resort, about 1 week

Whitefish/Coram, Montana, North American RV Park, 10 days

Waterton Lakes National Park, Albert, Canada, Waterton Springs Campground, 1 week

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Westerner RV Campground, 3 days

Edmonton, Alberta, Kinsmen St. Albert RV Park, 1 week

Hinton, Alberta, Hinton-Jasper KOA, 1 week

Canmore, Alberta, Spring Creek RV Park, 10 days

Golden, British Columbia, Whispering Spring Campground and RV Park, 4 days

Revelstoke, BC, Lamplighter RV Park, 8 days

More soon!

Portland Oregon for 8 days in 2 different RV Parks!

First of all I want to share some pictures in regards to the beautiful drive between Ashland and Portland Oregon. We had amazing weather with scattered clouds and no rain so we really got to enjoy the green and lush surroundings. 

Keep in mind these pictures were taken from a large moving vehicle through the window…

We passed over several Rivers including Umpqua River the Willamette River three times in Eugene Wilsonville and Portland and then the Columbia River.

The drive took about 5 hours total but we did not rush at all!

Once we got into Portland with our 40 foot RV and attached tocar we remembered something that we had long forgotten… The traffic was really really bad! Everywhere, pretty much all the time. I guess it’s worth it when you live in a city this pretty. It is amazing how Mount Hood stands out as such a powerful symbol and backdrop to the entire landscape.

Anyhow our first RV park was Jantzen Beach RV Park located in North Portland. This RV park is literally on an island called Hayden Island which you can only access from one exit off of I-5. This becomes challenging because during rush hour there’s no quick way to get back on the eye without sitting in traffic. However the good thing is once you’re on the island there’s not much traffic there and there are definitely some shopping centers and restaurants and bars to go to. I will do another blog later as far as where I would recommend to go and what we did with our time in Portland. 

Jantzen Beach RV park itself felt very safe however it was quite a drastic change from the spacious spots we had an Ashland as these spots had no grass although we did get a picnic table. 

The entire park was booked solid so we had lots of Neighbors. Our least favorite part of this park was the noise level. 
It was loud… not from our neighbors at all!! …but from the airport, the trains passing by, and the constant air horns from the ships going to Port. It was very loud. Probably a little too loud. Anyway we did get a pull through spot with full hookups there are some spots there that have grass but we did not get one of those. They do have a fantastic playground area for our toddler and swings and a patch of grass to play in. 

They also have three swimming pools and one of them is a kids pool. 

The pools were just opening up on Memorial Day weekend while we were there and when we finally stepped our toes in the water was ice cold so we did not do much swimming.
We had to move to another RV Park after a couple days because Jantzen Beach was booked solid and could not extend her stay which was fine due to the noise level.

So we packed up all our stuff from spot 963 and went 2 miles east, closer to the airport to Columbia River RV Park. 

Spot #108 –

The location we found to be much more convenient as you do not have to access I-5 to get here. It is also a stone’s throw from the Columbia river which makes for a gorgeous drive when you’re heading home. This spot surprisingly was much quieter even though we were closer to the airport we did not hear the air horns from the ships or the train at all. It is also very close and easy access to Vancouver Washington and both I-5 and 205. This RV park was very easy to access with a nice layout.

This park however did not have any sort of accommodations for kids, no playground, no swimming pools or anything like that. I did not use the facilities but they did have a bath house. This place was completely at capacity as well and could not extend our stay more than the couple days we had reserved it. 

I would definitely recommend this place over Jantzen Beach RV Park…and you can’t beat the price at $35 per night!!!
Here is the view right across the street of Portland Yacht Club and the Columbia River…

We really enjoyed our stay in Portland and feel fortunate because we had so much sunny weather. Now off to new adventures in Hood River as we make our way towards Canada!!

Overnight in Bakersfield California

The drive between Beaumont California and Bakersfield California is only about three and a half hours comma and the first part of it is flat, however once you get to Pasadena and get through all of the LA traffic, you go into this crazy high altitude Mountain scenery that is beyond gorgeous. We had the option of taking I-5 or taking the 210 to get to Bakersfield and are really glad we took the 210. The traffic was light and flowy after Pasadena of course. The scenery was out of this world and I’m really glad we chose chose this route. We ended up driving through a crazy amount of fog so that slowed us down a bit because we could only see the car in front of us. It was like a white blanket of snow however it was fog because it was way too warm haha. I lost Scott for a while because of the fog and they had to reroute trucks a different way but he still got ahead of me somehow and then eventually we caught up to each other again. We drove about two hours in and then found an exit to stop in the RV for a lunch break. Everyone was excited to stretch. Then we hopped back in our vehicles and continued on our way. The rest of the ride was pretty easy and we found our RV Park easily as well. No troubles with the RV this time, especially since we were not Towing the CRV period we decided to drive the CR-V separately than the RV when we know there will be a lot of hills to minimize stress on the RV. Anyhow we pulled into lovely Bakersfield which if you have ever been here and know that there is not much here to see… today happens to be very overcast and wet from recent rain, however it is not raining now… we pulled into our spot at River Run RV Park..

Our spot # happened to be the same number 71 as in Beaumont. Maybe it’s a sign!?! 

Anyhow the cool thing about this park in Bakersfield is that our spot literally backed up to the Kern River and has a beautiful view. 

We also have a huge grass area between us and our neighbours

…however, on the other side of that beautiful Riverview is also the freeway so there’s that. We pulled in and got everything set up which we are getting better at nowperiod total time to set everything up and get leveled out and comfortable is about 30 minutes. Scott is super set up expert well I hang out with the kiddo. We decided to go for a walk along the river but because our tot has a little cough right now we did not go very far. We found the RV again, phew!

Now I am waiting in the RV for Scott to come back from the store with some wine and dinner. This will be a quick overnight stay which I am fine with because we are all super excited to get up to Yosemite tomorrow!!

3 days at Rolling Hills RV Park in Beaumont California

We were very excited to leave the desert. Although we love the unique beauty and awesome array of animals at the desert chairs, it felt really good to leave the 94-degree heat that we suffer through every summer there. But good thing we have a pool and the kiddo loves to swim. Anyhow we enjoyed our stay at the last RV Park in Phoenix and escaped the desert on I-10 West. The drive west was relatively easy until we got through Indio because Coachella happened to be in full swing that day!

This was our first time Towing our Honda CRV and needless to say we learned some lessons. The RV needed to downshift going up hills and we did not know how to manually downshift comma and heard a loud clunk come from the diesel engine while we were going 60 down the freeway. The roads were absolutely terrible and extremely shaky between Indio and our destination in Beaumont. We almost overheated the engine and had a bit of a scare and had to pull over to rest…however we think it was just the weight of the tow vehicle and our inexperience in shifting and slowing down while going uphill. 

Anyhow all of our nerves were kind of fried after watching the vehicle that we’re driving in almost over heat but luckily we were only 20 miles outside of our destination of Beaumont California. It’s kind of funny how we ended up there, mostly because Coachella was going on and all of the RV parks were booked solid or ridiculous expensive like $90 per night just to stay in the desert??!? haha I do not think so. So we looked Westward about an hour and found Beaumont California, with a gorgeous little RV park called Country Hills RV Park. 

When we pulled in we had no idea that it would be a Hidden Gem, but that is needless to say what we found. Spot 71.

The park is hidden in the hills and there are RV spots all the way up and down the hill which not only minimizes sound but makes for amazing views. 

This RV park also had an outdoor pool and jacuzzi…

But…Anikka’s favorite find was the Retro slide and swing set along with horseshoes and tetherball. 

We liked it so much that we decided to extend our stay there another night. Especially after the scare in the RV, none of us were ready to leave the next morning. 

What we didn’t realise, is there is a lot of coordination going on because not only do I have to run my business but we also need to notify the RV parks ahead that our schedule has changed, and hope that they get everything right. Anyhow we had an amazing time at Beaumont, and even though it was very quiet, we found that many of the residents there were long-term residence and not passing through like we were. I would highly recommend this place for a short to mid-term stay, I could have definitely stayed there longer and possibly up to 2 weeks. 

The other great thing about Beaumont besides its beauty, is the fact that they have a small locally-owned fresh fruit stand which has been in business since 1954 so of course we had to go visit it. It was super amazing and definitely worth the stop. It was much larger than I expected and they had rows of olives and pickles and jams and Honey’s and all sorts of fresh fruit, lentils beans, snack mixes Trail mixes, and a variety of healthy foods and fresh-made salsas. It was a great find and made for a super dinner which was rice and fresh veggies. 
I’m really glad we got to stay at this RV park but definitely ready to move on and get closer to Yosemite. Here’s the rig all ready to go!!

Leaving Beaumont California!!

Next we will drive 3.5 hours to Bakersfield for a one-night quick stay at River Run RV Park. 

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