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Weekend trip to Olema Campground and Point Reyes National Seashore

We had planned this trip prior to Halloween, and included our family, Scott’s sister, brother in law, niece Jayne, and Grammy and Grandpa…oh and 2 big dogs.

The drive was very pretty and about 3 hours. 

Anyhow, we arrived and the place was flooded from all the recent rains… Good news was the campground was fairly empty. 

Once everyone arrived and setup…this was the crew:

We took a few good walks in nature and saw lots of deer. We had a campfire going and stayed up late talking outside. Sunset wasn’t bad either.

The next day we all went to the beach… because in CALIFORNIA you can roast in the sun during January.

We parked a short walk to the beach and arrived early enough to beat the crowds.


Then the kiddos were ready for naps and shade….so were we!

That’s about the 3-day weekend visit to Olema. It was fast but fun. It is great to spend so much time with family!!

Clear Lake, California

We had a a pretty long 4-5 hour drive from arcata to clear lake….but I gotta say that it was SO worth it. We ended up taking a detour to see a Redwood Forest for about 15 miles…

Not knowing what to expect because Scott booked the RV park, it was beyond amazing! After Brookings where we parked 10 seconds from the ocean I didn’t expect anything to wow me for a while…

But we parked ON the lake. It was an epic spot at Aurora RV Park and Marina.

We parked facing the water and had a great view for the ONE night we stayed. 

We had family obligations or we would have stayed longer. It really was gorgeous.

A BIG bonus was the free kayak and canoe available for guests…about 50 feet from our spot…

Before sunset we were all geared up with lifejackets for a canoe ride! Anikka took her fishing pole and cast during the ride.

The weather was nice…a bit chilly but nothing out of the ordinary for December in Cali.

Scott did most of the paddling lol

There’s the RV!!

A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.

Arcata, CA and Patrick’s Point State Park

Our stay here was short and sweet. I had tons of work to do so Scott took anikka to Patrick’s Point State Park which was about a 30 Min drive from our RV park in Arcata.

I will have to add the pics in later.

There is a huge nature preserve in the town so I went for a short walk one sunny afternoon… We were Def in Cali with the warm weather!

The RV park did have a huge playground immediately behind our RV so that was a huge bonus!

I enjoyed some time working at Redwood Curtain Brewing Company!

They had several IPAs and a double and triple IPA.. The sticky fingers IPA was my favourite.

Celebrating a 3 year olds birthday!

We decided initially to spend her bday in Whitefish and Kalispell Montana instead of Canada just because there is more to do in the larger towns… Here’s how the day went…

She woke up to this in the RV…100 emoji balloons in the RV lol

A few presents and some were hidden! She still hasn’t opened them all but we are intentionally spreading them out.

Her peppa pig present from aunty…

Quality time with dad.

Happy mom and bday girl! Next stop was City Beach in Whitefish.


We found a shady spot around 10 am and anikka must have carries 10 buckets of water to make a most!

We all played on the beach and built sandcastles and lakes.

After a few hours and anikka first kayak ride…

we all decided to grab a snack at McKenzie River Pizza Co. In Kalispell.

The purple pizza looks funny but was sooooooo good!!

It was a mix of a sweet Huckleberry cream and pine nuts… surprisingly good! Plus beer was $3.50 each!! Yay for happy hour.

Cool decor and great ambiance.

Nicely done!

She was a happy 3 year old!

Back to the RV for more presents!!

Scott enjoyed murdering the balloons lol

We spend the remainder of the evening at the RV park playground with a friend anikka had made friends with, a 4 year old Brooklyn…they ran and played and had cupcakes!

Then we had a tired girl. 

The Going-To-The-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana

Ok so we did it! This was honestly the most beautiful part of the entire state. Especially after the vast beauty in Canada…we had initially been rather disappointed with the overall Montana experience…let alone the issues we had with the car and a few rather rude folks…this was the view and feel we needed to get us back in the spirit!

So this famous road to the sun is a 50 mile windy, narrow and steep road which goes up to 6500 feet and literally feels like your driving into the sun. We left around 7pm so it was cool and we had high hopes to see animals out.

Here’s the start…it’s about a 30 Min drive through the national park just to start the ascent.

Anikka fell asleep…so we enjoyed the quiet lol

Finally some amazing views!!

Here’s only a quarter of the way up…looking east as the sun set.

So pretty…

Here you can see the windy road clinging onto the edge of the mountains…

So narrow!!!

So steep!!!

Still climbing…

More views…

A glacier!!

Here’s probably the widest part of the road.


Our second pull off… Mountain goats!

It was a mom, dad, and baby goat.

A view point near the goats. We were above the tree line here.

Evidence I made it.

Here’s Logan’s pass…and locals!! We ran into a group of 10-15 big horn sheep!

They walked around the parking lot and got about 15-20 feet away from us in the car…a bit intimidating…they are big!!!

Guess who woke up!! Logan’s pass is behind us. It was cold and we didn’t have jackets so we didn’t stay out long.

Looking east.

Heres the famous weeping wall…it’s crazy! Literally the 80 feet of wall is leaking water.

This water fall looks like a staircase and was over 200 feet tall but hard to tell by the pictures…


Lake McDonald in the dusk…

Aaaand back to the RV park by 1030pm

Back to the US! Montana here we come!

The drive down to Montana was very pretty but we were very sad to leave Canada. 

We had a quick reminder of how inefficient some of our systems are when we waited in line for nearly 45 minutes to get back into our own country, Ben got grilled with questions as to why we were in Canada, and then Scott found out he had an expired passport so Luckily everything was smooth and we got back in…


Anyhow…the rest of the drive was easy…

We are staying at North American RV park just outside of Whitefish Montana.

Guess who found the playground??

Parked in spot h16…

We did not get much chance to explore but we did go out to grab a quick drink and went for a nice drive around town.

Back slope brewery…

A short drive over the dam.

So today we had the intent just to go to the post office in West Glacier, but as we were leaving we discovered a fuel leak in the car which completely changed our plans. We ended up waiting around for a few hours for a tow truck and are now currently out of a vehicle. the good thing is that we got to explore West Glacier a bit and have some fun on the river while we waited.

Here’s scott on the phone with the towing company…

We walked to flat head river…

We saw tons of fish!!!

Back to the car…

Lucky the driver was nice enough to drop us off at the RV park before taking the car to the shop in whitefish…

Bye car!! If we’re lucky we’ll have the car fixed by the weekend with a minimum of $300 in Damages….ugh lol. 

Lots of outdoor time in Fernie BC

Well, we love Canada.

We spent nearly the entire time in Fernie outdoors…which is what we love!!

Tons of bike rides…they have so many rec trails along the river and around the town.

This is elk River…

We went to a fruit stand… Spent $10 on 2 lbs of local cherries!

We went up to the alpine ski lodge just 5 Min south of town…

I bet it’s gorgeous during winter!!

A couple pics of the RV park….

Here’s the main local park we played at…and later came back for the weekly farmers market…

A real train for the kids to climb on…

Then we took the 20 Min drive north to Sparwood where we visited the world’s largest truck!!

Anikka for contrast…she’s 3 feet tall…

Anikka doing some yoga…

Fernie had an awesome aquatic center…

We swam for a few hours…

It was only $5 per person to swim and anikka was free!

Nice sunny days!!

Back up to the alpine lodge. We thought they had a carnival but no luck…

Still had fun…

Nice views…

Then we went to Island Lake lodge where justin bribery rents out a cottage for a month each year AND Justin Timberlake had his birthday last year!! It’s hidden deep in the woods after a 2 mile drive…

Deep in the woods…

Finally we took turns riding bikes down hill toward town while one of us drove…

Then we found an awesome bridge over the river so we stopped to play for a bit.

This is a local Rec area right in town where people swim and play in The Lakes. The water was very clean and clear.

We got to see a fantastic double rainbow over the RV Resort before we left. What a gift!!

Finally, we went to the farmers market!!

Anikka got a tattoo!!

Temporary of course…

Aaaand back to the park…

Fernie pub and brewery…

We ate anikka macaroni lol she ate the veggies!

I ended up ordering what was called a Caesar. It’s basically a Canadian bloody Mary with some oyster juice mixed in. It was really good!!

My early morning bike ride…

Gorgeous skies

Byeeeee Fernie!!!

Onward to the states! Montana and glacier national park here we come!!

Official list of places we have stayed in our Roaming Home

I will try to keep this updated with RV parks soon too!
















Bye USA! Into Canada we go… 

The drive from Coeur d’Alene into Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada was relatively short. we did not know how long it would take to cross through the border from USA into Canada so we budgeted about an hour of time. It ended up taking all of 10 minutes LOL. Yay for Canadians!
The drive up was absolutely gorgeous… really stunning to be honest. Little did we know how much beauty we would be in for!

We hit a little bit of rain initially Crossing into Canada…

… and then it was only about an hour drive north into beautiful Cranbrook which is a small town of about 20 thousand nestled at the base of the Canadian Rockies. Here’s pulling into Mount Baker RV PARK…

Lots of water nearby and in the RV park.

Once we settled in, I discovered that This happened during the drive… someone got bored…

All of us really enjoyed our time and Cranbrook and got to enjoy some sunny weather, some rain, a bit of wind and lots of clouds but all in all we spent most of the time Outdoors exploring and playing near creeks and in the mountains. 

The city gets lots of snow during the winter so they have an amazing indoor heated swimming pool which is totally meant for kids so of course we had to go enjoy your time there.


Pic coming!

The locals all highly recommended we go to The Heidout which was a local bar and grill in downtown Cranbrook. They had great service and awesome atmosphere and fantastic food and drinks … so we went twice…

Fisher peak beer.was consumed…

Apparently we did a lot of eating here because we also went to an awesome vietnamese pho place then…



Cranbrook has a gorgeous 18-hole disc golf course that has awesome views too!

After playing disc golf we passed by an outdoor splash pad which was running even during the 60 degree weather so we stopped to play for a bit…

The views were amazing and everything we hoped for!! Next stop…Fairmont hot springs in British Columbia!!

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