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RV Upgrades

Drilling holes in our RV for the Washer/dryer install!

Over the past two weekends now Scott has been researching and calling winnebagos customer service, which is excellent by the way, about the best approach to install our washer dryer combo unit into the RV. I feel with a two-year-old it will be extremely helpful to have access to clean clothes sheets, undies, socks etc. The previous owners of our RV never installed a washer dryer however it is pre wired for one! GOOD THING!! So that basically means this RV has been pre-wired for 15 years waiting for this unit to be installed. After much searching on Craigslist we found a high end washer dryer combo unit with slightly larger capacity than most. We made the arduous trip out to east east east Phoenix to pick it up and bring it back and it only set us back $550 LOL.

Anyhow back to the install process, apparently our RV was originally designed for a ventilated washer dryer that blows out the front (early 2000 style) not one of the more recent ones that requires an air vent… so there is no hole going outside of the RV to vent the washer dryer …which is kind of important. All this to say that Scott got to get a hole saw and cut a hole in the side of the RV. Luckily the size of the tubing for the washer dryer was the same size as the circular saw so everything fit together pretty well with the help of some duct tape.

Then once he cut a giant hole in the wall he installed the air vent and the tubing to connect to the washer dryer.

Miraculously and with the help of a shot of Jameson, Scott and I got the 150 plus pound washer dryer onto a dolly and wheeled it all the way out to the RV. The challenging part was for us to get the washer dryer up the for Steep and narrow steps into the RV. Once we get it in there I’m sure it would have been simple. We took it one step at a time, I almost lost a finger but we got it up. Here’s the ducting and small space from the inside. 

We lifted the Beast up and set her own. Everything connected very easily and smoothly thank God. We checked it for leaks as well and no leaks to be detected. We had to celebrate with a beer what an awesome accomplishment and one step closer to our journey in the RV!!

It seems like such a simple thing but the whole entire process probably took as close to 10 hours all together in between finding the right tools for install, finding the right washer and dryer, and figuring out where to drill holes into the side. I am so happy to have this done and out of the way and looking forward to the next step to get us out the door!

Btw, Scott was soooooo done after all this work…So he crashed on the bed for some much needed R&R.

Weekend 1: RV Customization and Upgrades

Well, we have had our RV for over a week now and have been planning customized upgrades to make the interior fit our family’s needs best. When we first purchased the RV it came with one of those old school, super thick 50 pound TVs…so that had to go. You will see we completely removed the TV by the time I got a good picture and we replaced it with a 32-inch Insignia Smart TV, which is super light, about eight pounds, with amazing quality.

The other major project we had to tackle was converting the master bedroom closet into a room for our toddler. She will need her own space for quiet time and sleeping and we also want her to feel like she has a special area of her own in our mobile house.  When we first bought the RV the master closet had two large sliding glass panels. So we ended up taking those out, removing the tracks, and installing a custom rod across the top…we decided on curtains to close in the closet area and create a space for our toddler. We purchased a custom bed for her which is basically a glorified air mattress and a sleeping pad which we will probably put additional padding underneath to help keep her warm and insulated. There will be more customized updates to her little area but at least the base is here now. 

Pic 1: bottom rt.  Pic 2: top rt. Pic 3: bottom left. Finish: top left 

We also added an additional storage Shelf which gives us more room for a close but still allows our toddler to stand up in the closet. What a productive weekend!!

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