When we left Hood River the only Midway stopping point that made sense was to the stay in Umatilla. We stayed at the Marina RV Park which I would highly recommend if you’re staying in the area. These spaces are large and the park itself was not very busy at all.

We ended up staying less than a week but the one RV park we stayed at happened to be a diamond in the rough.


The town itself is nothing to brag about and there really isn’t that much to do in general … So we played in the grass a lot! And the weather was fantastic!

…but the RV park was Green and right along the river so we had a great time. And we had a view of the river…

There is McNary dam that we went to visit…

 …and a disc golf course that goes right along the dam so we had a lot of fun there…

We went to Hermiston Brewing Company however the food was terribly overpriced and we were not that impressed with the beer. 

Other than that you can certainly walk along the Columbia River and enjoy the scenery and the gorgeous sunset. 

There she goes!!

Happy couple..

We set up the tent here too!

There’s lots of access to floating docks so we had lots of fun playing Outdoors here.
That’s about that! We stayed here early June so this is a catch up post! More soon!