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We are back in the US after spending the entire summer in British Columbia. Although we are not sure how long we will be here, we found a beautiful city right across the border with an amazing playground and awesome views. I hope the food is good when we eat lunch LOL

A quick stay in Bothell, Washington

We found a gorgeous RV park in Bothell, which is about 45 Min north of Seattle proper. It’s called Lake Pleasant RV Park and each spot backs to a lake. It’s a cool concept with every spot getting a lake front space. There are tons of mature trees surrounding the property and because the park is a loop, it makes a run or bike lap totally fun! (And achievable for me lol)

Here was our view out the front windshield…

We really didn’t do much as anikka had a cold with cough here so it was mostly work and catching up on things like haircuts, massages and chiropractic care.

We have both spent plenty of time around Seattle so it wasn’t a critical thing that we visit hmthe city. It was actually kinda nice to stay in, exercise and work. 

If we had more time, we would have went to Seattle Science Center, Pikes Place market and a ferry ride…next time!

There is so much to do in beautiful Coeur d’Alene & Spokane!

We are absolutely loving our time here in Coeur d’Alene, not only has the weather been fantastic but we have an amazing spot right on the Spokane River that we can walk to Within 4 minutes!!

Little girl. Big water. 

Being the outdoorsy type people that we are this is definitely a great place for us to be during the summertime. 

Being the disc golf junkies that we are we had to jump at the chance to play to play disc golf at Cherry Hill Park!

The disc golf course was quite impressive. It was filled with luscious Green Grass and lots of trees. However most of the holes are very long over 300 feet so this year walking was a bit too much for Annika. We did however make it to hole four! And the way the park was set up that was a very long distance!

Adjacent to the disc golf course was a local well-known Park so of course we had to go visit after playing disc golf. The day happened to be particularly hard at 89 degrees so most of the equipment was too hot to play much on but we still had fun!

The following day we went to one of the many beaches alongside Lake Coeur d’Alene. There were lots of people out enjoying the 90 degree weather and the locals are friendly with lots of kids. We went and sat on the beach for about two hours and had lots of fun.

After all that heat we started walking back to the car and happened to see Fort Sherman in the background. This is a massive custom-made local park so we had to stop by and see it!! When Annika saw it she started running across the field towards it and could not help herself, it was really cute…

Another awesome outdoor activity was going for a bike ride along Lake Coeur d’Alene Riverfront. This was the first time Hanukkah got on her tricycle and wanted to ride on the path all by herself which worked great because the path was completely flat and absolutely gorgeous. She did a great job of making it all the way down about a mile and then did about half the trip back then got too tired to ride her tricycle. The path was surprisingly unoccupied with the infrequent sound of cars passing by. It was gorgeous!

Where we parked happened to be under one of their awesome Bridges so we hung out for a bit while the sun set…

During our stay we have had the chance to go to two different restaurants and we were really happy we went to them. The service was great and the food was excellent. The first place we went to was O’Shea’s Pub which was an Irish Bar and Grill. This place was more of a dive bar and it only had a few locals in it but they had a huge patio outside with a nice big grass field next to it so it worked out with the kiddo!

We wanted to go to a local Brewing Company so we decided to go to Daft Badger Brewing. This place did not disappoint and had a great ambiance great food and even better beer. We really enjoyed this place as it had the feel of a nice Portland Pub.

We saw a charcuterie board for 12.95 and went for it. It was absolutely amazing and I would definitely get it again!!

The Ambiance was great!

Yes we ended up going to the beach 3 times the other day as well. It’s just something have to do when the river is so accessible from your Roaming Home!

Today we decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Spokane Washington. It is only about a 30 or 30 minutes or so drive across the Washington Idaho border so it is very accessible and a quick and beautiful drive. 

First thing is first we had to feed the kiddo because she was hungry so we ended up finding a spot right next to a pizza place that serves beer… So of course we had to go!!! David’s Pizza 🍕 was awesome!!

We wanted to see what Spokane was all about and it is definitely a Pacific Northwest City with older architecture that Portland used to have. Bike ride time at the Spokane Riverfront!!

Apparently there is a small island in Spokane where they have the riverfront park and this is the site they hosted the 1974 World’s Fair. It is a good size to ride on your bike with a kiddo or pets and take in the scenery! It’s about a 100 acre park.

We enjoyed the bike ride but got caught up in a rainstorm so we had to cut our trip short and head back home…
Bye Spokane! Only 2 days until we head into Canada!!! 

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