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Yoho national park

4 days in Golden, BC

Okay so the drive from Canmore to Golden was fairly easy and very beautiful. Driving through the Canadian Rockies is always fun quite hilly and delivers extraordinary views. I think the drive is only two and a half to three hours so quite minimal and painless. We had been up to Golden once before from a few months back when we stayed in Fairmont and decided to visit visit Glacier National Park of Canada. At the time we only drove through and use the washroom at a local grocery store. So we’re excited to go back and actually visit the town. It was basically a stop-over at 4 days so we knew we didn’t have much time however there isn’t too much to do here so not a big deal…

The drive through Yoho national park was pretty…and pretty smokey…we had limited visibility most of the time.

This picture is an enormous rock wall with a huge chain link fence to prevent rock slides and snow from collapsing on drivers apparently.

The good news is the RV park we stayed up was relatively empty, especially after staying at Canmore with wall-to-wall neighbors. We had lots of space and a nice view overlooking the town.

Golden has a nice river running through it as most of the town’s do here so we hit up a local restaurant and went for a nice walk.

Silly girl! Learning her finger coordination.

The town has a small row of shops…

One of the less Smokey afternoons we decided to go for a bike ride which was easily accessible from downtown.

We ended finding a secluded beach after an hour of bike riding which was quite a nice time to relax!

Making sand angels I guess…

Every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen period must have been every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen period must have been over every left the beach we got cut my a train which has probably the longest 1 we have ever seen. It must have been over a mile long and kept stopping! We waited forever for it to pass…on a bike…

Possibly the best part of our stay at Golden was the trip into Yoho national park on the one clear day we had. We went to visit Emerald Lake not knowing how phenomenal it would be. But this was now over a week ago and I have a whole separate blog about that if you want to see more…

That was about all the adventures we had in Golden. I spent a lot of the time working and we just played outside casually so it was a good time to collect and relax. However our next stop at Revelstoke is full of Adventure. More soon!!!

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park

Wow! We had no idea was such a treat… certainly on par with Lake Louise and Lake Moraine!

Ironically we actually ended up here by accident. Our entire plan was to spend the day adventuring at the world’s longest continuous Wetlands which is about 15 minutes south of where we are staying. However when we looked online we found out that they are not doing canoe rentals because of lack of Tourism and the BC fires. Instead I thought we were just heading to an average small Lake but this ended up being absolutely phenomenal. Although I guess I should have expected that with all of the beauty here anyhow.

They had Canoe rentals for $60 per hour. We opted not to rent a canoe this time but rather go for a hike to the end of the lake and back. We ended up walking one point eight miles total. We could have walked all the way around the lake but were pretty tired by the time we made it to the halfway point.

After letting Annika play in the lake for over an hour we dried her off because her clothes were completely soaked and had an awesome picnic in the grass overlooking the Lake.

She’s such a good ball!!

Then we went for the hike!!

There was lots of runoff from the lake which created little tiny ponds. When we looked in there were actually decent sized fish in there around 1 to 2 inches!

She was so tired!

Anikka and Scott like to read the signs together.

It’s really neat how the water changes color when the clouds cover up the Sun.


Proud dad.

She found this rock that she really liked and carried it all the way back to the end of the trail but of course we gave it back to the nature at the end.

Here’s the trail heading back…

Indescribable water colour!!

Until our next adventure…

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